By Joey - United States
Today, my company hired a new guy to help on our project. My boss said that he would shadow me for the whole day so he could learn our system. At the end of the day my boss fired me, handed my company car keys and laptop to my "shadow for the day" right in front of me. My Mom picked me up. FML
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By  huanita  |  0

that's how those tragedy we watch on tv happens, when someone try to kill everybody at the office. he could have been more human, but how we say here, the world keeps turning - one day he will pay for that.

By  jenh815  |  0

Well, the same thing is basically happening to me. I was told a new member would be joining my project team. My manager then scheduled a call with me Friday afternoon at 4 pm. She told me that new member would be replacing me on my project team. Then she told me she still wanted me to come into the client on Monday and Tuesday to give my laptop back and transition. First of all, my client is 2 hours away so i have to drive there. Secondly, Monday is Presidents day and all my other friends have off and are partying! FML!