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Today, during class our teacher asked us, "Who is Uncle Sam?" A girl answered, "He's the guy who founded KFC, right?" I'm in an AP class and have to put up with these morons constantly. FML
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At least you know your class will never be dull... Just grab some popcorn while you're at it...

Colonel Sanders has my loyalty when I was drafted into the war of fried chicken vs baked.


At least you know your class will never be dull... Just grab some popcorn while you're at it...

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They are advanced placed morons

Yep, pop up some colonels! (Get it?! Get it?! Ok I'll leave.)

I was in a class like this once and to cope I bought a big notebook and wrote down all the stupid/funny shit they said. I now have a notebook full of hilarious quotations that are just too good to be invented. I bring it to every party.

You need to write a book or something with all of those. I know I would buy it.

AP classes r the best cause their so smart but say the dumbest things that are hilarious. hell in mine they quote the other guys

Colonel Sanders has my loyalty when I was drafted into the war of fried chicken vs baked.

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And this is the reason the US is falling behind in education. My 3 year old nephew can tell you who Uncle Sam is.

Yeah we just went over this in our AP US class today as well but I don't think anyone said he was the founder of KFC. My class at least had someone who had a back story to how Uncle Sam came about.

Actually the reason US education has fallen behind (not is falling, we are already far below over 25 nations) is because of a broken education system. This is not the fault of the kids, but rather of the legislators who give less and less money to education and throw more at the military. The kids are simply the product of this system which pays educators poorly and emphasizes standardized testing rather than actual learning. 'Murica! :)

Then why doesn't education improve when schools are given more money? If you asked me, I'd say it's because of the corrupt teachers unions keeping horrible teachers employed. Apparently shooting up heroin in an elementary school staff bathroom can't even get you fired these days.

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#60 Holy shit. Someone gets the point. I'm totally with you on standardized test out weight actual teachings. Unfortunately I don't see it changing at least in the near future. #64 There are a ton of terrible teachers out there but some who are brilliant and deserved to be paid for their efforts.

65, I agree, and part of the reason good teachers can't get paid more is because the teachers' union allows terrible teachers to stay employed for decades and receive raise after raise. Btw, 60, the military isn't exactly swimming in cash these days either. It's gotten budget cut after budget cut and downsize after downsize under the current administration, and some in Washington are even proposing that the military be downsized to pre-WWII proportions.

I have never heard one story of a teacher shooting up heroin in the ******* bathroom of the school and not ending up jobless and arrested.

I hate when people judge people solely on how smart they are and they think they are so above people "nowadays" that are so "stupid" when in reality they are the ones with less to offer. Just treat everyone with respect for the things they do well and you won't have to think so highly of yourself.

You clearly haven't been watching the news lately then, 77.

I went to a magnet school that shared a building with a public school, the difference in the caliber of teachers you get when you pay them better AND have the authority to fire them at will is amazing. We had several teachers, at least five that I can remember, who held doctorates or phds in their fields and both my geometry and physics teachers were high level engineers at some point. I cant judge every public school teacher harshly but there were several who taught in the same building who only had their jobs because it was too much effort to fire them after they got automatic tenure. one of the computer teachers was verbally abusive and physically assaulted students multiple times (shoving and things along those lines but still assault. A lot of the other teachers were just putting in minimum effort and I had friends whose teachers actually told them they didnt give a sh*t if students passed, failed or even learned anything. Schools need to have more individual control over how much they pay teachers and a lot more control over the firing process.

To whoever thinks the military is going to be downsized, your are so wrong! The government just keeps all the real info behind their backs where us plain folk can't see. And as for school budgets, they are almost all absorbed into the technology the school uses. Tier 1 schools(low budget), even elementary, have ipads(class sets) and computer labs.

104, I never said the military was going to be downsized to pre-WWII levels, just that it had been proposed. On the contrary, I don't think Republicans or the general public will stand for it, but it just goes to show how little some in the federal government care about the military. Also, the military has already been downsized, just so you know. About two years ago, thousands of my fellow sailors were laid off.

Notice how there are usually better schools in areas that have higher population an or a more wealthy population. More property tax for the school to use.

Not really, 109. Some of the worst schools in the country are in highly populated cities. However, yes, schools in more affluent places tend to have better graduation and performance rates, but that also has to do with affluent parents valuing their children's education and pushing their children to perform better.

I didn't really learn who Uncle Sam was until eighth grade, but I did recognize him. I just never knew his name. Is that odd? I lived in CA at the time, so it might have been a geographical thing, but other students did know who he was.

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We spend more on our military than the next 26 countries combined, 23 of which are our allies. The military accounts for almost 20% of the Federal budget. Education only accounts for less than 4%. We are behind because we as a nation do not value education. Parents do not care about their kids education, teachers are underpaid and underappreciated, and we do not show our support at the ballot box when new funding measures come to the table. More importantly, there is rampant corruption in the upper management so the tax dollars that should be going to text books are being spent on redecorating the superintendent's office, or bonuses to the members of the state board of education.

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I agree - I was never in any AP classes in high school, and had peers and "friends" who referred to those of us who weren't in honors or AP classes as stupid quite often. Just because someone may be in an AP class doesn't necessarily mean that they are more intelligent and 'better' than those around them. I've known many people who did great in school, but had absolutely no common sense or street smarts.

if every country stopped funding the military for a day we could give every child free education for 12 years.

Thanks for founding our country! Now out children are so stupid they don't know who you are

Right because he was definitely a person who founded the US and not just a figure used as a metaphorical illustration.

And, over here, you see the perfect definition of the word: Irony

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Yeah I'm agreeing with #56. This is definitely a facepalm comment. So much irony in one comment

Uhhh I'm not American but I'm pretty sure Uncle Sam wasn't a real guy

How do these morons end up in APC's to start with?

I don't think there are prerequisites to be in the AP class. It's your choice if you want to take AP or not.

Ya speaking from experience there are no requirements, only recommendations, so anyone can sign up and take the tests

I think it varies by school. In my old high school, you had to have good grades in the subject the year before to get AP classes (or a teacher recommendation). Your request for AP physics, for example, would be denied if you didnt have a good grade in honors physics the year before

As someone who has taught AP classes for years, I can tell you that there is a huge difference between being a good, diligent student and a thinker. A lot of my AP students are really good at studying, learning stuff and taking tests but not that great at thinking. My AP students always say ridiculous things like this.

For every AP class there is a prerequisite, it's just passing the previous class of the same subject. Not much of one, but still is one.

In my school before I graduated, they didn't care about grades or your overall performance in school, if you wanted to take an AP class, they wouldn't stop you.

Just say yes. Its definitely the guy who founded KFC.

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if they do and the kids tell their parents he can get fired

Not to mention that alone wont get a teacher fired. Especially if he's tenured. Even though OP isnt a teacher.

If sarcasm could get a teacher fired then there wouldn't be any teachers with jobs.

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Were* I guess you're one of them.

It was my iPhone! Trust me, I have great punctuation and grammar!

and an Iphone on which you use auto-correct.

Too much Chicken rots your brain I guess...

There is no such thing as too much chicken...