By sabotaged - 02/11/2015 00:05 - United States - Oakland

Today, I got fired from my dream job. I found out today that the girl who trained me lied and taught me how to do things wrong, so that when she got back from maternity leave, she could get me fired and take her job back. My new coworkers were in on her plan from the beginning. FML
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What a vile bitch. Gather as much evidence as possible and take this shit straight to the higher ups.

This surpasses shitty, it's vicious. I agree with #2, gather evidence and sue them for workplace sabotage, those scum deserve the worst punishment they can get.


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Yeah, now OP knows how NOT to do something.

JocelynKaulitz 28

Something that won't help with op's dream job.

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Classic example of a fresh FML and needing to think of a comment quickly so it'll be posted as the first one, because that's something people care about these days for whatever reason.

What a vile bitch. Gather as much evidence as possible and take this shit straight to the higher ups.

That's pretty messed up. I agree with #2; you should definitely talk to the big bosses about this.

dannnngthatsux 19

Little late. Best thing to do, find better job call her up and thank her.

I'm sure if you have proof the bosses or HR can do something about it. Hope everything turns out for the better on way or another!

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& you're also not the one who lost his job over this "amazing" plan.

I second your thought, given its OP's dream job, training him to do it wrong without him knowing that, takes lot of courage.

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Complimenting horrible people? What is wrong with this picture?

Like seriously, that is pretty ****** genius, but it's wrong

That has to be against the rules. Talk to HR or sue against her.

what "rules". this isn't Minecraft, mate. They can sue, but there are no " rules"

mds9986 24

There has to be more than one company hiring for your dream job, no?

I'm assuming that if he gets fired from on company others will be hesitant to hire him for the same position.

This surpasses shitty, it's vicious. I agree with #2, gather evidence and sue them for workplace sabotage, those scum deserve the worst punishment they can get.

Maybe OP can get all of them fired and be the only one working there.

Or better yet, he can set all of them on fire and be the only one working there.

Why are people up there^ think that this is a good thing. That women should have not done that. Especially the coworkers knew too? That really isn't right!

Don't they have to legally keep her job open anyway? So like you can be a maternity temp and finish when she's back. They can't fire you to bring her back it's unfair dismissal

In the US you could take FMLA where they have to hold A spot open. They can't fire the gal on maternity, but they don't have to give her the same spot when she returns

dannnngthatsux 19

11 All they have to do is produce paperwork that shows you can't do your job...No rights then. Buy a bottle of liquid ass on Amazon. Spill it on her car. I would do the vents and window jamb. Maybe door handle. New mom's are very smell conscious.

They have to take her back after maternity leave do they not?

Yeah I thought of the same thing but I guess she was worried he might replace her when she got back.

While it doesn't change that this was terrible to do, I've heard of some places trying to weasel around and find a way for making it look justified to fire a woman going on/on maternity leave

I don't know exactly how it works in the US, but here in Canada they are required to take you back. However, that doesn't mean they have to hold your exact same position/job for you, it just means they have to hold some type of position for you at the company, and this could mean even coming back to a total change or demotion in your job. For example a colleague of my dad's came back from maternity leave to discover her job was now in the finance department, instead of her original IT position. This can really screw people over sometimes.

This_Clumsy_Life 3

No, that is NOT the law in Canada. They can give you a different position but it has to be Substantially Equivalent to your old position. IT to finance would not be ok, even the same position but a drastic change in the schedule would not be lawful.

No, sorry you're wrong. I not only study this, but also know people with first hand experience with this issue. Employers have to give you what is called a "comparable position" which is subject to interpretation. As long as they have the same location, wage, and benefits, this can be considered a comparable position. It is also lawful for an employee to have/receive a dock in pay when they come back as long as it falls under a "reorganization plan."

@#29 you are correct. I had a miscarriage and was fired the moment I returned from sick leave. They said they were merging my position with another that required a higher degree than mine. Yet once I was gone, they "said" they couldnt find anyone to fit the bill and hired someone with no degree at all doing my exact same job. Basically I was fired so they wouldn't have to worry about me getting pregnant again. Without proof I couldnt do a damn thing about it.

This_Clumsy_Life 3

#58 sorry to press on about this but perhaps your provincial laws are more lax because I recently finished a case on this and such changes/demotions were not permitted. There is always room for interpretation in the law (that's what makes it fun!) but this area can be straightforward if the right steps are taken (and the right lawyer consulted:)) Yes, restructuring does allows for a different test but that wasn't the issue being discussed. Enjoy your studies while they last!

Yep this happened to me when I returned from maternity leave. I was demoted and got a pay cut when I told them I couldn't work the full 40 hours anymore. Its bull because I worked hard for 5 years for what I made, and $1.25 was taken away just like that, when I needed it most. they really need to update the laws to protect working mothers, so they don't have to pull shady stuff like this.