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By  coltsrock37  |  15

I could just see the police's response:
Mom: "Officer, Officer, my son/daughter is missing!"
Police: "Could you give me a description, ma'am?"
Mom: "Well, he's 31, tall, has brown hair and brown eyes...
Police: "Hold on hold on....31?"
Mom: "Yes sir!"
Police: -pauses- ... -click-


I am by no means a "nazi". There are lots of things that I still get wrong, however it annoys me when people are too lazy to type out one or two letters. Why can't someone just type that extra o for too, or y and o in you. It's annoying. And if it was so they could try to get first, that just makes it that much worse. And trust me, I hate nazis too, anti Semitic bastards.

  rudegirlmania  |  10

15, if that's love, I never want to experience it. I'm sorry but any sane mom won't flip out after three (ish) hours of no response from their 31 year old "baby".

  bo1440  |  3

That's true, I'm sure alot of us miss our mom's, mine was my best friend, and Op should enjoy every those kooky moments, regardless if its annoying him/her.

  robertlovespi  |  3

Do you not have a good relationship with your mom? They said they were living on their own for ten years. That means they have been independent since they were 21. I wouldn't think a phone call from Mom would be that big of a deal.

  cnkk07  |  8

This is very irrelevant to the topic however, I went through your trauma stories on your blogspot. The seatbelt blog opened my eyes, the part about the oxygen tank + the cigarette made me laugh, and the story about the man who died while driving to his wife's funeral made me sad. I also read your first post and it stated that you had created a blog before with similar stories. I love reading them and I was hoping you'd tell me the URL for your former blog.
Thank you.


50- One phone call isn't a big deal. Her almost calling the cops because her son didn't answer the phone is ridiculous. It doesn't matter if they have a great relationship, that mom went overboard. Big time.

  Egnar  |  19

Either way it's a moot point - The point is he's 31 and doesn't have to tell his mom where he's going. His mom had no idea he was at the movies and got irrationally scared/needy when he didn't answer. The movie just servers to give us a time frame for how long he was "missing' before his mom freaked out.