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Today, my mother panicked and was about to report me missing when I didn't answer her calls while I was at a movie. I'm 31, and have lived on my own for over 10 years. FML
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I could just see the police's response: Mom: "Officer, Officer, my son/daughter is missing!" Police: "Could you give me a description, ma'am?" Mom: "Well, he's 31, tall, has brown hair and brown eyes... Police: "Hold on hold on....31?" Mom: "Yes sir!" Police: -pauses- ... -click-


She might care, but this is way over the top.

Why do you feel the urge to write this useless comment? To be first? Well, congratulations.

Must..fight...the urge correct...oh thank god that--IT'S TOO.......****...

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It just means that she loves you :)

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Lol wow i hate nazis... You obviously knew what he meant .....

I am by no means a "nazi". There are lots of things that I still get wrong, however it annoys me when people are too lazy to type out one or two letters. Why can't someone just type that extra o for too, or y and o in you. It's annoying. And if it was so they could try to get first, that just makes it that much worse. And trust me, I hate nazis too, anti Semitic bastards.

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It's okay. People are TOO lazy. They fat and ugly kind of people :)

Op dont worry. My mom only calls me to do chores.

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15, if that's love, I never want to experience it. I'm sorry but any sane mom won't flip out after three (ish) hours of no response from their 31 year old "baby".

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Your Mom is WAY over protective. My Mom can't wait until I leave the damn house. Maybe your Mom is showing signs of parkinsins diease?

63, Parkinson's? I think I can see why your mom wants you to leave the house.

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Yeah, that point was stated in the comment we are responding to.

79 I know but I just said it again. So get over it.

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Do you know what parkinsins is #63??

65. That's harsh, but still cracked me up!

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Haha that's hilarious :) she loves you

Hahah she does :) I wish my mom loved me

I think the 'i've lived on my own for 10 years' part could be a whole separate fml.

That's great, but in your 20s and 30s, dealing with a smothering parent is a much larger ass pain than a neglectful one.

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Moms will be moms enjoy while you can.

True, this might of really annoyed OP, but they got to enjoy their mom while they still got her.

That's true, I'm sure alot of us miss our mom's, mine was my best friend, and Op should enjoy every those kooky moments, regardless if its annoying him/her.

Does she still call you "my little bunny" as well?

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She may have moved on to "My Little Pony". It's sorta the in thing right now.

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Don't lie we know you are tied up in the trunk of someone's car.

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Don't lie. We know you were tied to your lovers headboard.

You're 31 years old. It's time to cut the umbilical cord.

Do you not have a good relationship with your mom? They said they were living on their own for ten years. That means they have been independent since they were 21. I wouldn't think a phone call from Mom would be that big of a deal.

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This is very irrelevant to the topic however, I went through your trauma stories on your blogspot. The seatbelt blog opened my eyes, the part about the oxygen tank + the cigarette made me laugh, and the story about the man who died while driving to his wife's funeral made me sad. I also read your first post and it stated that you had created a blog before with similar stories. I love reading them and I was hoping you'd tell me the URL for your former blog. Thank you.

50- One phone call isn't a big deal. Her almost calling the cops because her son didn't answer the phone is ridiculous. It doesn't matter if they have a great relationship, that mom went overboard. Big time.

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Don't worry the cops already have your picture and an order to "IGNORE that crazy old lady".

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Haha! Your mom loves you. Try answering a few of her calls.

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^ ********** to gay **** in a cardigan :P

Also, who would have their phone on in a movie theater?

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He could have had it off... It would still say "missed calls" when he turned it back on. Oh and MOST people don't turn off their cells. Just saying.

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Either way it's a moot point - The point is he's 31 and doesn't have to tell his mom where he's going. His mom had no idea he was at the movies and got irrationally scared/needy when he didn't answer. The movie just servers to give us a time frame for how long he was "missing' before his mom freaked out.