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By Anonymous - 13/12/2012 17:04 - United Kingdom - Bromley

Today, I took my driver's test. I was confident and thought everything would go well. My boss ended up calling me several times during the test. Turns out my colleague never showed up to cover for me, and my boss blamed me. Not only did I fail my test, I'm now suspended from work too. FML
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If you didn't answer it, you shouldn't have failed unless you actually were a shitty driver.

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Turn your phone off next time... And explain your situation to your boss


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Your colleague is kinda a dick...

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I think the boss is worse than the colleague in this situation. For all we know OP's colleague had an emergency to attend to, whereas we know for sure the boss didn't listen to OP's side of the story.

But then the colleague could've called the op telling him he can't cover his shift anymore.

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Well atleast you don't have to drive to work now!

If you didn't answer it, you shouldn't have failed unless you actually were a shitty driver.

Even assuming OP didn't answer it, getting interrupted by call after call while trying to take a test of any sort, even one you're ready for and know how to do well, can be at best distracting.

2-"Concentrate......concentrate...." (loud ringtone). "Oh damn it."

Well don't get disheartened Op, it took me four tries to pass mine... And I still can't get a job. Damn social anxiety :P

I almost didn't pass.. When I was driving I had an old man jump infront of my car.. I just barely stopped in time.. Crazy ol' bastards

Rented?? At the behind the wheel we used the cars provided...

It's pretty sad, I know :P but I've been driving to classes every day for a few months now, I'm getting better every day and I haven't hit anything or been pulled over so I can't be that bad, right? A lot of it just had to do with nerves of having a stranger there judging me, and just me being an idiot.. I was driving my moms minivan for all four, I dunno why I had such a hard time with it but I'm glad to have finally gotten past it.

23 Just relax and ignore the ol bastard.. I'll be honest, I was a little nervous first day but I looked in my mirror and saw my cute partner.. It calmed me down a little bit.. :)

We couldn't use our own cars.. We had to use their cars.. Theirs was better then what I had at the time.. The steering wheel was already half way around to be straight.. and very awkward...

O an the myth that asians are bad drivers... I'm surprised any of the cones survived.. I was like what the **** have you even done your 40 hours?

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I failed mine once because a truck was speeding around a corner ahead and almost hit me as I was turning. Luckily, I wasn't suspended from work for not being able to predict the future. Unless OP works as a fortune teller, it's definitely not his fault.

I didn't know how to parallel park and it took me a long time to park in reverse and I passed with an 87!! So I don't know how people have failed so many times!! And I took it after barely learning how to drive 2 months before.

I didn't do parallel parking.. I didn't hVe to do much at all acutally...

I'm 19 and still never even been behind the wheel. I panic even just sitting in the passenger seat >>

taking your driving test should never be a competition that's how accidents happen! some people fail for multiple reasons, you can't judge if they're a good driver (most of the time) by how many times they've failed. they might just be crap under pressure!

If your phone was on silent it wouldn't have been a problem.

If Op didn't answer the phone, then no reason to fail..

28 - and at this point nothing really helps with the driving test OR the job, but the job was only a suspension, not a firing, and not completely in their control, whereas the driving test was a fail and was fully within their control.

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or just turn it off and pretend it died

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Turn your phone off next time... And explain your situation to your boss

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You should've informed him in advance that you had to do it.

Perhaps Op did, but the boss is just a douche bag..

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Don't go down like that, explain to your boss you had a cover and its his/her fault.

Unfortunately that's not how it works :-( it was op's shift so op's responsible even if there was someone to cover the shift. I don't get why your boss is giving you shit I mean of all things to get suspended for...

If that was me, I would have flipped. If someone says they can take your shift, they better damn well take responsibility and tell your manager if they can't make it for whatever reason if it wasn't some humongous emergency. If everything was in the clear beforehand OP, you shouldn't have been the one to get in trouble, FYL.

Why the hell did you have your phone on during your driver's test? If I had been evaluating you, I would have failed you the instant you touched your phone while driving. PUT YOUR GODDAMNED PHONE DOWN AND DRIVE.

Doc, It doesn't say she answered it... All it takes to fail is missing a single stop sign.. My driving partner almost failed because of a tree hiding a sign..

It's still common sense to turn off your phone during a driving test.

Better yet turn your phone off and put it somewhere not with you during any test.

Where does it say he picked his phone up? Perhaps his phone was vibrating in his pocket, and when he checked it AFTER the test, he realized it was his boss...

This comment makes very little sense, he could have easily forgotten it on. It is not illegal for your phone to ring when you are driving. It is not a requirement to turn off your phone as far as I know. OP should have taken the cover+battery off during a red light, or simply parked temporarily to turn off their phone. Again it is not illegal to pull over where it is legal to do so, and proves that you are a responsible driver to the instructor. Chances are OP failed because they were distracted by the phone going off, not because you assumed that they simply touched their phone.

Well, I agree. If you're new to driving you really shouldn't be distracted by your phone.