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Well shit, I say let him be. If it makes him feel better about himself, then big fucking deal. No need to bring him down. You just have to see someone glad about being first and have something negative to say about that. Why should it concern any of you guys about him being first? Clearly it's not buried the fastest if you're so fucking quick to reply to his comment.

As for #1, hooray, you're first. A thing you should know about FML, is people will find any reason so start online arguments, and that saying "first!" usually makes you seem like an annoying dumbass, even though you're probably not. People just judge too much. Hope being first made you feel special.

By  tpm45  |  25

Sometimes they hire you because of family... Sometimes they fire you because of family... Either way, it's wrong. People shouldn't judge you based on others, OP. I would ask him for a reason and if he can't give one, fight it.

  tattomama90  |  2

in some states you dont need a reason from why you are being fired. like in ny ( where im from) its a not fault. I could look at my boss the wrong way and he could fire me..