By Anonymous - United States - Redlands
Today, the CEO of my company wanted to meet with me. I was excited until I found out she just wanted to bitch me out and personally fire me. Later on, I found out my boss had totally shafted me and blamed the failure of a big project on me instead of admitting it was all his fault. FML
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By  amandasoushek  |  16

That's sad that he is unable to take the blame when the fault was no ones but his. I'm sure the CEO will find out what type of person he actually is and he will get what he deserves. FYL

By  Mightytall  |  35

That sounds like the perfect opportunity to sue the living daylight out of that company.

Can you prove you did everything right?

If yes, take them on. Wrongful termination or so, right?
You probably won't get your job back, but it'll give you the satisfaction that the CEO will find out sooner about your loser of a boss and you may walk away with some extra cash.

  ericanicole1  |  12

Yea cuz wrongful termination. Just make sure there actually is proof that you did nothing wrong though. Plus some lawyers will take your case for free and you pay them if/when you win the case

  ThatHorse  |  15

Those types of lawyers are very rare though. And even if they do, they only take cases that they have an excellent chance of winning.
Still, if OP can find one and has enough proof ready before meeting with said lawyer, then OP will be perfectly a-okay.