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OP, I would like to know why on earth you had a cat in your bathroom anyway!? I mean, I know cats roam around and sometimes go in the bathroom because of the toilet but why not put it out? common sense, m'dear.

  rexxy75  |  3

yes you should have said spelt not spelled lol, if your going to correct someone on their grammar at least be right with yours, and they did use it in the correct context, re-read dim wit, and seriously who gives a toss, u get the point!

  talun  |  10

Oh my god. Both spelt and spelled ARE acceptable. And if YOU'RE going to correct someone, #85 and #99, at least scrutinise your own comment carefully for any errors before you post. Also, #99, what's with using "you" in your first sentence and "u" in the last? Your fingers got tired after typing that "essay"?

  Bekll  |  30

#30, are you serious? I have a male friend (who's straight btw) who adores cats. He calls them kitties and even calls them by a cutesy word his brother made up for cats.