By ouch - 26/03/2011 02:27

Today, my cat fell into the bathtub while walking along the rim. This wouldn't have been so bad if I wasn't in it at the time, and if my skin was immune to being sliced open by a frantic kitty. FML
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Two *******, one tub? (assuming OP is a girl)


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I love how I say number 1 Is being racist then all these other comments talking about ******* and my comment gets moderated

I once threw my cat in the bath when my sister was taking a bath! SO funny to see her reaction and the cats! Ha. Yes, Im evil. R.I.P My precious cat who loved the bathroom.

I bet you dropped the soap, you deserved it.

^Lol OP, I would like to know why on earth you had a cat in your bathroom anyway!? I mean, I know cats roam around and sometimes go in the bathroom because of the toilet but why not put it out? common sense, m'dear.

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Rhats right OP!!! Don't mess with meh again!!! You hear!!!!!! Meow!!! (•_•)

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i-i-i am t-th-th-the c-c-ca the ca-a-t from the the the ba-ba-bathrooom an-and j-j-jump in the the b-b-bath tub a-and i-i i a-a-attacked O-O-OP!!!!!!! (•_•)

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That kitten is so cute .^ ^ ( »°_°«)

Ali_Br_fml 33

Ok... It messed up my cat drawing... The ears got lost...

This happened to my cat before and she stayed calm, sucks for you OP.

i thought this same comment after reading the fml. funny.

same thing happened to me but my cat managed to get 1 single claw into my head. i punched him off

man! it cut you?! that must've been a blood bath!

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wow that sucks and I bet it hurt ful

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oh, my pinkie once was about 3 cm" cut open from my cat. hurt for about a week or 2 AND IT DOES HURT

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used hurt twice.... sorry grammar Nazi's!

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that's why cats suck. they can't swim.

126- That's not true actually. Cats can swim perfectly fine if they want to, they simply don't enjoy being in water.

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Lol, should not have let your cat into the bathroom.

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you used immune in the wring context and spelled it wrong 2...

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Are you serious? know what? Never mind. I have given up. You are absolutely right.

Oh gosh. Really? At least have the intelligence to be sure that, if in fact you're going to correct someone, you do it right. Some people amaze me.

The word your looking for is "Spelt"not spelled!

Wow. Cool guys. They're stupid, we get it...

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yes you should have said spelt not spelled lol, if your going to correct someone on their grammar at least be right with yours, and they did use it in the correct context, re-read dim wit, and seriously who gives a toss, u get the point!

Oh my god. Both spelt and spelled ARE acceptable. And if YOU'RE going to correct someone, #85 and #99, at least scrutinise your own comment carefully for any errors before you post. Also, #99, what's with using "you" in your first sentence and "u" in the last? Your fingers got tired after typing that "essay"?

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And your ass spelled something wrong also... So if your going to be an asshole you might watch out for your own mistakes.

LOL everyone got at least one word wrong in their failure to correct someone else except for the one before me and me (I hope)

#99 I'd just like to point out that it is "you're", not your.

Speaking of mispelled words, you got it wring too.

The OP wrote it correctly and used it in the right context. Before criticising someone, think twice before and things like this will be avoided. :)

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Haha yep, I thought nobody noticed! Cars do not belong in bathrooms haha.

cars definatly don't belong in the bathroom, lol

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Two *******, one tub? (assuming OP is a girl)

could've been a gay man. not that I have anything against gays. just saying.. could be.

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Or it could just be a pussy of a dude

#30, are you serious? I have a male friend (who's straight btw) who adores cats. He calls them kitties and even calls them by a cutesy word his brother made up for cats.

78- hahaha that's the first thing that came to mind, yo mama jokes never get old

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