By long day - 12/11/2013 20:29 - United States - Bay City

Today, while taking an order over the phone for the customer at work, I began to hear slight moans. The moans gradually became faster and louder, until climax was achieved and I realized I was being used for phone sex. FML
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I think they got what THEY wanted...

th3mai1man 6

Just make sure they didn't give you hearing aids.


I think they got what THEY wanted...

CallMeWindSock 24

Hey, OP did his job: satisfied the customer.

friedpwnadge 25

Maybe you'll get a repeat customer, if you're that good at taking orders i'm sure you've found a niche.

Great customer service! Although if they weren't selling, was it assault? If it was, was that also illegal?

Ecudaniel 16

With all the satisfied costumes maybe OP will get a raise. Not all bad OP.

profile pic tottaly matches comment

Oooo ooooo deep fry those pickles !

^ the fuck is wrong with you?

I think it's trying to communicate.

T9FTW 20

He was just making some homemade mayo for his burger, silly!

I mean there are a lot of things you could say. They are negative, but there are still positives in this situation. Straightforward: if that wasn't great customer service, I don't know what is!

zRatio 6

Atleast it wasnt faking or used as doing laundry

"Thank you, please cum again"

You'll make a killing if you work for a phone sex company. You've obviously got the skills. Just make sure to list this on your résumé. Your interviewers will be impressed.

OP: "Would you also like to hear about our extended protection plan?" Customer: "Does it come lubricated?"

My voice is so good, I've inadvertently gotten customers to climax :o

Satisfied customer=more $

same for prostitution I guess

Prostitution is illegal.... charge them to make a sex tape and you're all good :D

prostitution's legal in many MANY parts of the world buddy.

Anth6ny 9

Jesus, they could of atleast bought you a drink first.

What she needed to do(I'm assuming op is female) is quickly put her male coworker on the line. I'm sure that would have freaked him out... Or turned him on more.

While disturbing, I guess they will always be happy to call back and order again.

th3mai1man 6

Just make sure they didn't give you hearing aids.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

haha wow..

Yeah hearing aid is a common killer for those who have phone sex. You need to be safe and use bluetooth condominiums.

I wish I could like this comment more then once.

buttcramp 21

right on! Lmao for days!

olpally 32

That's creepy as fuck. Should've just hung up.

lsfactor 4

Even if they're abusing you?

AnimeGeek120 3

I agree with #25. I've worked in a call center and had someone pull this crap on me while I was still in training. Though they made it painfully obvious about a minute into the call. I was able to flag down a supervisor and they yelled at the sicko and he hung up. But he called back at least three more times that day. He got the guy next to me twice and hung up on him both times. ^_^ It just pisses me off that when you're being harassed like that you can't hang up.

But where's the fun in that?

I'm not 100% sure about that #32/25, at least not in the UK: a) Ever used Orange customer service? It's terrible - my brother tried changing tariffs and was forced to pay for his supposedly free top-up rewards; when we phoned in to get it sorted we were told about 3 weeks later that he had to activate them online - which was said nowhere on the actual online page. Apparently it was on the help/support page, the problem being that we clearly didn't think there was any help or support needed. When we eventually got put through to someone who spoke English, he said "I haven't got time for this" and hung up. (Needless to say we all use giffgaff now.) b) My other example is a teacher at my school, who tries to get cold callers to hang up on him - he signed up for some solar power thing years ago, so deserved the calls he was getting, put seeing as he's from the West Country tells them he's already got solar heating on his roof: take off the roof, the sun comes in, and you feel warm! Sorry about the paragraphs, but I hope you get my drift.

Use protection so you don't get hearing aids!

*hands over earplugs*

No sharing earplugs, Weshite! That's gross.

*points to #6*

Whoops, sorry #6

You just made my day!

Did you cum?

No, but whoever called did.

#9 were you the guy who called cos your reply was just as creepy!

CallMeWindSock 24

Please hold. *elevator music starts playing*