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  hehe_oops  |  2

no it would be 3.5, if she lives 3.5 hours away and was at her house when she was at his
you suck at common sense

anyway, not fml, i'd love your life, shows he cares about you just as much as you care about him

  0neiric  |  0

Youre all idiots, what #142 meant was they could both drive 1.75 hours and meet in the middle from where they are now.
But she is currently 3.5 hours away from where he is

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

I agree.
This just means both of you cared about the other enough to drive three and a half hours to surprise each other. Something a lot of people wish they had.
Don't look a gift horse in the mouth =)

I was thinking it was an FML up until I started reading the last sentence.

Come back and post another one if he ever drives three hours to see another girl instead of you on your anniversary.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

7hrs. 14 after they each drive back to their own town.
I guess THAT is an FML, but I don't think she was whining about the gas, lol. But I live in California, and I hear gas prices here are at least a wee bit higher in average than in other states =P

  crazieeli  |  0

yeah, i thought it was cute too :) i mean, it kinda sucks, but its kinda awesome. at least he remembered and wanted to do something special :D i sense love? haha

  SpudsMcgee  |  0

Exactly what I was thinking, yes fyl for having someone who tries to surprise you too instead of being a jerk and forgetting your anniversary or sleeping with someone else... And oh damn 3.5 friggen hours, it's not like you drove for three days.

By  Keefster  |  0

It shows he cares about you - HE REMEMBERED YOUR ANNIVERSARY!!! Seems like a good guy. Honestly, it seems like a happy thing moreso than an FML. Good luck to you guys :)

  harmony88  |  0

Slightly off topic, but I do this with my boyfriend, friends and family alot.... we'll either try to do the same thing and end up where the other person just left, or we'll get the same present for each other.... usually I try to coordinate on larger things (like a 200+ mile trip or a large purchase), but I really enjoy it when it happens with smaller things.