By HHIChica - 17/09/2009 11:14 - United States

Today, while my 18 pound cat was on the edge of the tub watching me shower, he fell in. Apparently, in his mind, the best way to get away from the water is to climb my bare legs. FML
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Well, at least your pussy's clean!

Your cat was watching you shower? What a creep. Tell him he has to pay for his voyeuristic tendencies or get out.


Well, at least your pussy's clean!

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Wow what a way to spoil a good joke ^

Captain buzzkill strikes again

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or the only one without a sense of humor.

ughh that sounds really painful! FYL

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fatehatesme. Your name already implies that you're an idiot who believes in fate. Now, lets get to this business of how wrong you really are. I used my black belt in Google Fu and typed in the word 'pussie' and surprisingly enough, no websites came up talking about cats. Point being, pussy is the spelling for both, no one uses 'pussie' you just felt like being a douche and ruining a good joke which I felt was very aptly placed. I have no idea why. But, at least I have a reason for having to douche you with douchiness. OP I don't troll, but really? Why do you let your cat watch you shower? Is your name 'creeper'?

Condescending != mature

Yay! Somebody actually knows how to do a "not equals"!!! It totally creeps me out every time someone tries to put a slash between two equals signs. I would have inserted an example, but it hurt my eyes.

fatehatesme09 what do you mean by "equal p"?? I guess I am not mature enough to understand you language.

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Why even bother to read the comments if your gonna, precede to take away the only laugh ive had all day? You sir, (thats me being 'respectful') are more than a buzzkill, you are a distroyer of innocence and humor, the internet equvilant of a cop with a comb in his pussy. also, that was a hilarious joke, and before corp. douche bag fucked it up, i had a great laugh. mad props.

sorry, but i've heard this pun like 15 thousand times before

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No one said they hadn't heard it. It was APTLY PLACED. That's what makes a pun effective. Go away doucher who apparently knows everything there is to know about humor.

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awesome + your #1 and didn't boast! *Hi Five*

I wish I could watch you shower

poor kitty. why is it there? the only thing that'll look at you naked?

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hahaha. its instinct forb them

That's a good one!

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ow. that's gotta fuckin hurt.

Lol that sounds really painful!

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You never see dogs on here for clawing their owners. Let this be a lesson :P

thats because dogs BITE genius.

OOOOOOOOUCH!!!!! that must've hurt damn much! I once had ONE cat's claw stuck deep in my leg and it hurt really badly! I don't even wanna imagine how it feels if a cat penetrates your skin with all it's claws over and over again... actually I'd think this is not FML worhty, but since it must've hurt really badly, I feel you. FYL.

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contradicting yourself.. saying it's not fml worthy but then right after saying fyl....

Your cat was watching you shower? What a creep. Tell him he has to pay for his voyeuristic tendencies or get out.

ooouuuuccccchhhhh >.< that sounds nowhere near paiinfull that excrushiatingly painfull

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Most cats dont like water and they feel safe near their owners (usually). Also 18 lbs does not mean the cat is fat, dumbass

Simple Solution: FALCON PUNCH!

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took the words right outta my mouth lol

YDI for masturbating in front of a male cat.

Think about it. A male cat is sitting on the edge of tub and the woman is showering. What could make him fall in? The woman pleasuring her own pussy seemed like an unlikely but hilarious cause.

maybe she kept trying to go with it, you know she kicked the cat in the tub because she had a fetish for being scratched while getting off, I bet at the time she was just like yea, but later prob had to def regret that.

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well, aren't you a treat...

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why was you cat in the bathroom anyways? lol. but fyl anyways i know how being clawed like that is. oucchhhhh...