By murphy22 - 24/08/2012 09:33 - United States - Norman

Today, I was taking a relaxing bath. My cat decided to sit on the ledge, which is normal for her, but today she fell in. I never knew how painful it was to be scratched down there until today. FML
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Gotta love the feel of a nice, wet pussy.

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Did you not shave? Maybe your cat thought it was a mouse.


Hahaha i feel ur pain.I have 8cats.xD

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Has all 8 jumped on your ****** at once?

Watch out people, the crazy cat lady has arrived.

Ohhh?Thumbs down.:/Oh well..i shall just meow in protest.Good day.*prepares for thumb downs*

I see no gender markings, and the name is murphy22... I'm not so sure OP is female..

That's a terrifying point 61, almost a guarenteed way of vasectemy.

I only have two cats but one jumped in the bath while I was in there (she'll sleep on the cool ceramic on hot days) and ended up piercing my nipple she got so freaked out. Thankfully, I have an extremely high tolerance for pain!

61- look at her profile! It says title:miss :)

92- 61 was talking about the OP, read carefully before you post something that's not even right.

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8 cats.... I love animals but 8 is a little much don't u think?

You've taken a relaxing bath and had your cat scratch your goods? Dang, small world...

No, but my cat's gone crazy on my private parts, so yeah, I feel his pain.

You sir, just won the internet, congratulations.

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I love how seven people in a row just replied to the wrong comment...

Gotta love the feel of a nice, wet pussy.

Huh. I was actually thinking of that movie when I wrote the comment. Noor, you wouldn't happen to be a mind-reader, would you?

Of course she is! She's Noor! What do you expect?!

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So it's normal for your cat to be in the same room while your bathing?

My cat has separation anxiety and actually enjoys sitting in the bathroom while I shower.. He also loves to play with the water when the tub is full, so yes, I think OP having her cat in there is normal.

flutter4 7

If I don't let my cat in the bathroom or bedroom she paws at the door until I open it and let her in

It's not like the cats gonna freak out because you're naked....

I wish i could relate OP, but have yet to own a cat or get scatched down there. Hope ya never have to feel that pain again

I don't think you want to be able to relate.

saIty 17

Did you not shave? Maybe your cat thought it was a mouse.

reallytho3 11

That would be tragic and hilarious lol

Or the cat thought op didn't clean was enough down there and decided to help.

I take that as an offense. Many mice are very well groomed, we don't look like a hairball with legs.

Not so relaxing anymore huh? I feel bad for the both of you. Neither of you wanted what came for them :/

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Don't get cat scratch fever now

guckylynn 19

Actually it's a disease caused by bacteria believed to be spread by cat scratches or bites.

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we like watching you take a shower, but we're not one for joining you. meow.

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You just knew when you set up your account that eventually an FML would come along that fit your username perfectly, didn't you?

kittytub 12

hahaha, didn't even realize that. gosh, i'm famous. hi mom! :D