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It was such a terrible feeling, haha, I just froze in my spot staring at the computer and trying not to cry... I couldn't get my old data retrieved but I did buy a new laptop! :)


I recognised that singing a just for the machine made song always make them feel better.feel better = work better.works for all my electronic things: notebook, microwave and vacuum cleaner.

That's happened to me, too, unfortunately. That's when I started making regular back ups, and you should, too. It's no fun losing your data.


I've had it happen to me before also. It is very annoying. Luckily I didn't lose any important data since I back mine up every month or so.


Rolling backups are easy to do in this day in age. Most services are free, so this is something everyone should do.


It was a very old laptop, and though I should have backed it up before, it's never broken down, so I trusted it, and it was my first time after an extremely long time. But now that I have a new laptop, I definitely back it up often! Not making the same mistake again.. Haha

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Turn it off. Now turn it on. Did it work? No? You've done your best, now go and get yourself chocolate and some ICT guy

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