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  cb1002630  |  11

Cats don't are usually not "let" to do anything. They do what they want, when they want, how they want. And if it goes badly, a lot of times the bystander is the only one that gets mutilated. Scary stuff.

By  DntLookBack  |  29

How come there are so many FMLs about peoples cats falling in the tub with them in it? If you learn anything from reading FML people then it is to close the damn bathroom door if you own a cat and want to bathe.

  DntLookBack  |  29

Some cats can open lever handles sure but how many cats do you think can open knob handles? And every cat in existence does not know how to open doors. But lets say they have a lever handle and their cat knows how to open it.. well then there are locks for a reason aren't there?

  deathtothepix  |  26

My cat will claw, scratch and cry if I shut the door on him. I'd rather let him in to give me peace than to claw the shit out of my door! love him but cats are relentless/curious creatures!