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thats why you flush. gross.

Next time, flush. And wash your hands, too.


At least it was your pee... Not really a FML

why does your cat love toilets? that's weird

likes toilets but not water?

that was exactly what I was thinking haha

my cats love toilets too for some reason

that's what I call "cat scratch pee-ver"

ah ha...very clever lol!!

thats why you flush. gross.

Normally I would agree to a comment like this ... only the fact of the circumstances of OP. 1) I wouldn't want to wake up MY family by flushing the toilet, I would do it in the morning when everyone was awake (IMO) 2) I find it lucky that OP didn't flush otherwise the cat might've drowned or gone down the toilet! OP, I'm sorry that you got scratched, maybe keep the lid closed next time, FYL.

If it's any consolation, your pee was probably cleaner than the cat!

Next time, flush. And wash your hands, too.

OP didn't want to accidently wake up the family.

It's still gross to not flush the toilet

What kind of clumsy cat is this? Aren't cats supposed to be surefooted?

Ew... flush. Also, your cat is hilarious, he loves toilets?

Um I feel this is why you should always flush the toilet just sayin'