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Today, in front of my family, my brother's wife announced that she was pregnant with their first child. Everyone joked around and said I was next. Two weeks ago I found out that I'm sterile. FML
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we all thought my sister was sterile and she is pregnant now so there is hope for you OP. sometimes the doctors are wrong.


no, now you can have sex without a condom! think on the bright side!

thats true but you can still get an STD

yeah that's true, but that still sucks. :/ I'm sorry Op! but there's always adoption!

ya that's one choice but it won't be the same as having her own kids

Keep trying. Drs make mistakes! My mom wasnt supposed to have kids, the drs told her. And she had 3!!

I'm sorry OP, that's really sad :(. maybe you will have a miracle baby! never know.. could happen.

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umm. Whats "sterile"???? anyone know?? (•_•)

It's when the woman can't conceive a baby. That sucks OP, but hope for the best!

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my grandma wasn't supposed to have kids, at least thats what the doctor said, so she adopted her first child. . . then she had 9 more children of her own. doctors make mistakes. just keep trying :)

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same here. my mom told my sister she wasn't supposed to have kids, but she still had 3 anyways.

woot woot time for unprotected drunk sex with lots of women why hate on that ?

she is a woman dumbass. btw op I am so sorry

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I would lay down and die if I was sterile. I want 4 kids!!!

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I'm sorry op. I guess adopting is an option but you won't be able to say "I gave birth to you/her/him".

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As long as you don't adopt a ginger kid then it's all good.

what have you got against gingers? I'm not one but still! it's mean!

lol gingers either turn out completely hot or butt ugly there's nowhere in between

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haha Gingers don't have souls!! they don't even count as ppl!!!! ^-^

um.. gee. hating on gingers, much? :P I kinda agree with one of the comments though, it always seems like Ginger GUYS are really unattractive, and the girls are a lot better looking.

well still its a good option when u cant have children..

adopt :) the world needs sterile people to raise the worlds orphans

@ChantelRenae Ouch. That's kind of hurtful, to care that much about being able to say that.

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Haha, why do you want to sell it?

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Hell naw! We all know Germans make good stuff!

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Being steril: The condom that never breaks!

until you randomly get pregnant when you're not actually ready for kids and maybe not even by a boyfriend or w.e. (1 night stands), And that may of been OPs only chance of a kid of her own. OP should still have safe & protected sex, as she can also still catch STD's.

shut up. this the Internet. its a twisted world. its the only place where when you get a Trojan its a bad thing.

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Well, then I guess having kids isn't a very VIABLE option now is it?? AHHH, get it? Get it?! Like viability! Like able to sustain life, and OP can't have kids because of sterility! Man, I'm good.

I get it and yes, that was good. Just maybe slightly offensive. :)

Maybe save the insensitive jokes for elsewhere? maybe it might not be as hard for a man to take being told he's sterile, because of a womans natural motherly/ nurturing instincts but you should be a little more respectful to the situation.

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he's not being insensitive y'all are just sooo damn sensitive

#42, no. People are not being too sensitive. There is a difference between an asshole being insensitive and people being too sensitive and guess what? No one is being sensitive.

Sarahgrace4, if you were in the same situation would you think it's insensitive? Would you crack a smile knowing that he just made a joke out of your expense?

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Everyone already knows SirEBC is an asshole. A funny asshole...

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Well, when your entire family hates you, you can't get laid, and you find out that your pipi is a lot smaller than the average size, of course you'll be an asshole, sorry SirEBC, fyl. (:

I guess most of us can agree that he's an asshole, let's just hope you're not attracted to females.. because they're definitely not attracted to you.

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maybe you could be a little more considerate and save rude comments for later.

So you're what-19? Someday you'll grow up and find out that being kind is more attractive than being clever.

sometimes ppl just don't get tha fact that we r on fml....

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#193 you know what's up dude

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we all thought my sister was sterile and she is pregnant now so there is hope for you OP. sometimes the doctors are wrong.

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My sister's ex had been married for 7 years before they met and he and his wife tried forever. They both went to doctors and the doctors said he was shooting blanks. Well in 2008 my sister gave birth to his daughter. Miracles do happen. Just remember God has a reason for everything and if you're meant to get pregnant one day, despite what the doctors say, He'll make it happen.

...God does still not exist. So, I told it again, mission accomplished. That being said, there a lot of people who were told to be fertile and still had children. But, OP, don't get your hopes too high. There are more people who were told to be fertile and indeed were. I would tell it as soon as possible to your family, otherwise you are going to get a lot comments about children, and when, and how many, and the names and blablabla. If they know it, they can avoid it. That will make your life a little bit more easy.

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if god didn't exist then u wouldn't be here....or did u come from a monkey?!

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#80 so true! I think theory on we came from monkeys thing is stupid I mean why didn't the chimps evolve with us?God is the one that makes sense to me<3

87, i love how you finished your sentence. "to me" thats what religion is about. believeing in your beliefs! so ppl stop going around telling everyone whats true or not. theres no proof there is a god.. there are slight proof that all species were at a point micro organism that got to evolve and adapt to their territories. but that does not mean god doesnt exist. i personally dont believe in god, but i do respect ANY beliefs about god. i will gladly discuss then to understand them and i will respect other people about their choices. more people should do so. there is no such thing as the "right" religion. thank you if you read.. :P

so #87, it makes more sense to you that some almighty being just flicked a switch and everything came to be? Evolution does not say we come from monkeys. It says that over thousands of years minor changes and through natural selection we look like we do today. Did you know we have gills in the womb? And we are still evolving - there are people today being born without wisdom teeth and appendixes because our mouths are getting smaller and we no longer need an appendix to digest raw meat.

Ooooh, numbers 80 and 87 are braindead. I feel sorry for you guys, living in the 21th century with a brain that's stuck somewhere in the middle ages. You do know that the earth isn't flat, do you? And you also know that evolution is proven, do you? And you also know that people made all those thousands of Gods up to get an answer on all those difficult questions - like, how did men control fire? Ah, Prometheus stole it from the gods. -do you? People like you make people like me feel sorry for every believer in this world. There is nothing wrong with belief, as long as you still can think and act rational. And guess what...many believers can't! God created human beings and the whole world in six days, yeah sure, ffs... Fact: we share 99,99% of our DNA with chimpanzees. Evolution and science and critical thinking

Okay. While evolution hasn't been proven, neither has the idea that we have a god. Evolution has more support than creationism because it's more likely! The only way something in science can be proven is if you exhaust all other possibilities (i.e. disprove everything except one thing). For example, in order to prove evolution, you would need to DISprove creationism. There is some evidence that science can't explain, but in my opinion that doesn't automatically mean ZOINKS THERE'S A GOD. I'm not saying there is, or there isn't a god. No one knows for sure. You're entitled to believe what you wish, as am I... but you can't exactly tell others they're wrong because science hasn't fully proven something yet. Do we know dark matter exists?

Apparently my time ran out when I attempted to add something. Djee - I thought it was less than that, actually. Around 98.4% or something... for some reason 1.6% stands out in my head as the only difference between apes and humans. I took a course on it last semester so my numbers may be slightly wrong. No matter, though. It's this 1.6% or something that allows us to speak, think, interpret, etc. We're still very closely related to apes... you people who are very against evolution need to take this into consideration. I could get into a great debate about it here if I wanted to, but I'm going to leave the research up to you. Just remember that nothing, not even a god, can create an entire universe in 6 days. The earth is millions, possibly billions of years old. The bible says it's only 4000 or so years old. What's the problem with that? There's evidence on the damn planet that the 4000-year-old-planet theory is definitely false.

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y'all are just wasting your time with this debate. people will believe WHATEVER they want to believe no matter what you say.

133 -Well, duh. I don't think any of us are trying to change any opinions here. There are facts that some of us have mentioned, but I don't recall anyone saying one's right and the other's wrong, end of argument. Anyway... Lalalady is correct. Just so you all know, I strongly believe that you can still be a Christian scientist or a person who believes in evolution as well as a faith. They do exist, which means they're taking a realistic point of view and using their faith for what it's meant to be. Some things in the bible just aren't meant to be taken literally.

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There is very little that is actually correct in this thread, and it came from one person. I suggest the removal of these comments to spare the reputations of some people who normally have very good arguments.

Lalalady42, you are completely right. I just wanted to keep things simple for the people who are 'omfg u belief we came from monkeys?'. You can't proof gravity, but it's so much easier to say that it is scientifically proven than to explain that. Evolution is much the same, and with all the historical evidence and the fact that people are still evolving, it's as good as proven. "Just so you all know, I strongly believe that you can still be a Christian scientist or a person who believes in evolution as well as a faith. They do exist, which means they're taking a realistic point of view and using their faith for what it's meant to be." I know that there are scientists who strongly believe, but, to be honest, I can't understand that. How can someone who is supposed to be rational and critical believe in something that's totally not rational? I never got that. And what do they do with the Holy Book? Being selective in things they want to believe? If a scientist beliefs in something personal, perfect. But I'm still going to think weird of scientists who believe in God or Allah or Zeus, for the matter. Ofcourse, it's still better than a non-rational believer.

I thought I couldn't get pregnant. Now look!

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well, did you did get pregnant?

I also thought I couldn't get pregnant, but look at me!

Now you can help another child in need and adopt!!!!:)