By Anonymous - / Saturday 26 March 2011 06:24 / United States
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  SunshineBoy21  |  0

So, being the single guy you are - you were cruisin' for chicks at Wal-Mart and the one that turns your head, had a penis and testicles. Hmmm interesting.

It is all good my single friend, it's all good.

  sarapsosis  |  1

23- you should come to China, there's a lot of confusion over here... maybe not so much from the frontal view but definitely from the back ( " I like that girls purse... oh shit it's a guy?!?!!!)

I'm not racist, it's just that this has happened to me and my friends so many times

  Rykier  |  0

That's what the Asians at the china buffet in my town told my friend. They wouldn't hire him because he isn't "Oriental" their words. Would you prefer I use chink or fish head? Exactly. So I suggest you stfu.


ASIAN refers to the middle eastern races all the way across to the far eastern races. ORENTIAL is a term referring to people from the orient, Japan, china, Korea (not 100% sure where the line is drawn though, but it does not include the middle east). So there is actually a difference. Don't call people idiots when they have in fact used the correct term. It just makes you look ignorant.

  leprachaun405  |  0

Hahahaha I love weird/desperate people on websites trying to hook up with what seem to be "hot chicks" but since you will most likely never actually meet the person you will never know!!!!!!

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