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Today, I was sitting in Walmart and I saw an attractive woman walking by. Being the single guy I am, I went up to her and asked if she needed help with carrying her groceries. She responded with "You know I'm a guy right?" FML
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haha! I would love to see the look on your face!


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someone should come out of the closet

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So, being the single guy you are - you were cruisin' for chicks at Wal-Mart and the one that turns your head, had a penis and testicles. Hmmm interesting. It is all good my single friend, it's all good.

Maybe he had guy liner and long hair, and a rack. Oh and why were you just sitting in Walmart? Where do you even sit there?

My WalMart has benches. Don't you know, it's where all the cool kids hang out.

OPs balls must be about to blow and causing his brain to see dicks as chicks now

f*ck you I'd be terrified, transsexuals scare the sh*t out of me

if he said he was a guy, then he wasn't a transsexual, smart one. the guy was just so androgynous that this types of things happen too often.

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Ok, so you're attracted to males... At least you find out now. And there is nothing wrong with that. I have loads of gay friends, and they are pretty cool

I can't say I've ever mistaken a dude for a woman. Might be just me.

23- you should come to China, there's a lot of confusion over here... maybe not so much from the frontal view but definitely from the back ( " I like that girls purse... oh shit it's a guy?!?!!!) I'm not racist, it's just that this has happened to me and my friends so many times

Well of course. Orientals all have that jet black hair, and the way some of them wear it makes you wonder.

I meant to add how it's always straight. Because in the U.S., most men and woman don't have the same hairstyles.

hair isn't really the issue, more to do with their clothes and their frame

True. I guess since they usually only pro create with their own race their body styles haven't changed like in the U.S.

I believe the more widely accepted term that you are looking for is "Asians". Not Orientals.

Orientals i's actually another term used to describe Asians (I'm Korean). But not heard very often. And my stupid iPod keeps chaining is to i's.

That's what the Asians at the china buffet in my town told my friend. They wouldn't hire him because he isn't "Oriental" their words. Would you prefer I use chink or fish head? Exactly. So I suggest you stfu.

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kinda wondering why you and your friends go around, and amongst yourself, compliment women's accessories.

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ASIAN refers to the middle eastern races all the way across to the far eastern races. ORENTIAL is a term referring to people from the orient, Japan, china, Korea (not 100% sure where the line is drawn though, but it does not include the middle east). So there is actually a difference. Don't call people idiots when they have in fact used the correct term. It just makes you look ignorant.

you have disgrace my famiry. we sharr engage in combat!

haha! I would love to see the look on your face!

Maybe was a transvestite then? Obviously wasn't a mtf since they are and say they are females.

that or just a guy who apparently looks like an attractive woman.

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how do u even make a mistake like that tho...

You realize what you just said was transphobic and ignorant right?

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I would say eff the guy's life for looking like an attractive woman.

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I think he was actually trying to!

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you love a7x, and I love a7x, why don't you give me your email adress

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at least he doesn't look like a ugly one...

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Hahahaha I love weird/desperate people on websites trying to hook up with what seem to be "hot chicks" but since you will most likely never actually meet the person you will never know!!!!!!

hahahah lol maybe your attracted to guys without even knowing it!

ydi, stalking people in walmart, hope you learned your lesson :P

I have to agree. Why were you just aitting around in a store? Were you waiting for the chance to be creepy?

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Reminds me of aqualung Sitting in a walmart bench, eyeing pretty girls with bad intent.

More like **** his life for looking like a woman.

why? he gets free drinks at the bar. and he can shout "i have a penis!"