By nothanks - 01/05/2011 14:30 - United States

Today, my elderly father-in-law grabbed my breasts in the pool at a family gathering. I'd let it go as an accident if this wasn't the 4th time it happened today. FML
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He's just chekcking if their like how your grandma's used to be

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jeez! he was just checking for lumps!

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That's super inappropriate. ewww nast.

well u cnt blame the man, maybe u just have irresitable breasts!!

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haha wait til you see how he says hi to the grandkids

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yah thats;)

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ahaha dammnn .. thats gross .. but u kno u liked it ;)

#14, where did you get grandma out of this?

5, avenged sevenfold?? and 63s joke wasn't funny...

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Damn 126 and 136 I thought I was the only one that noticed that!

anyone who loves A7X will immediately think that 

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Family Matters call for desperate needs.

Guess Grandpa wanted some cuz Grandma's too old for his style. u must have nice melons. (I'm bi so no need to call me lesbo, I like boys too. ;)

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i dont care how old and senile you are, id call the cops on him, after i kneed him in the balls. who knows what else hes doing to other girls. disgusting

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154 looks like Justin Beiber

200 - because a majority of women marry underage

@1 your comment reminded me of a game called Minecraft. Creepers gonna cre- aw ****.

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A7X_LoVeee 10

That was directed at 63, haha.

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and at that, its prolly best not to bring the grand kids around.

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210- r u stupid thts master chief from halo 

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fml1365 30

I think they should look up incest!

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he's just thinking let's keep it in the family....

After third time why would you go in the pool with him?

you must have nice breasts & old people need loving too, let him play with them

OP never said if he/she was a boy or a girl O-o

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Maybe that just his way of telling you that you have a nice rack haha

You shouldn't ****** laugh about that shit

ohhh well then maybe u should come over sometime??? I got me a nice set of ****;) JKS u perv!

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lol maybe he's clumsy and lucky at the same time!

Well at least you have a confirmation that they're nice. But actually we could use some photo here...

#171 I'm sure the gay community is having the same type of conversation about how straight guys are missing out on penises. LOL

you must have nice **** =)

Ha you little shit-head. Your comment got voted down cause your sorry ass copied me :P

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Both your comments were posted at the same time, I bet money he didn't copy you.

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nerd rage much my little minion of doom?

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what a weird coincidence. but I would expect it. xD

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creep with a sene of admiration for boobs lol

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GOD ur eyes r crazy beautiful like wow.....AMAZING

awkward.. better cover up those girls in the family

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nice ass glasses. got some myself

Always nice to hear about a fellow boob man.