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By KillahCam - 26/01/2010 00:15 - United States

Today, my ten year-old brother told me that his thirteen year-old friend took one of my bras and two pairs of my underwear a few weeks ago. Apparently he took them out of my room, put them on, and has been sleeping with them ever since. He's coming to give them back tomorrow. FML
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ur_lifeblows 0

what a little weirdo...

don't forget to wash them.


don't forget to wash them.

Wash them?! Forget washing them! Burn them ina fire! And if you can burn the little perv too! He has NO right to go through private things of yours, let alone steal them!

neddyy 0

Two thoughts: 1 Punch him in the face or tell his parents (either but not both) 2 The kid must have some serious boy boobs to be able to wear a bra so tease him about it.

wash em?! the little perv probably mastubates to them 1 burn them 2 kill the kid 3 get a good fucking lawer

CEiiLEiiGH 7

Eww. I would tell him to keep them

MdMan2 23

I don't think she'll be wearing them anymore bro.

ur_lifeblows 0

what a little weirdo...

m0tl3ycru3 0

Future transvestite?

lexie206 0

ew! I'd burn those! I can't imagine what he did to them.. FYL OP :(

OMGxChrisHansen 0

I'm not sure if this is amazing..... I think so.. ya fyl.

what does OP mean?

rishaa143 0

i was think to burn thm too lol

sebastianhs 6

Original Poster

Orangutang Pubes ;)

teehee (: #61, you are a genius!

thanks very much I also had Octopus Porn on the mind, but that's just gross 

Xppppppppppppp 1

HaHa!!!! you are now my hero xD

SweetestSin 4

eeewwww Just tell the little perv to keep them and if you can install a lock on your bedroom door.

sourgirl101 28

What's wrong with your brother that this is his friend?

Lawzen_Rainbow 7

eww creepy wee perv. tell his parents?

Disturbing is an understatement here.

Throw them away when you get them! Sick little kids!!

anela_fml 0

awe how sweet of him to return them so you can burn them