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  Screwie  |  25

I'd rather have my own money to buy my own tridents, since I can buy food and pay bills when I get bored of stuffing my face with gum.

Just personal payment preferences... Mmmm I want gum.

  2oc  |  5

But what if it wasn't trident layers? It could have been Juicy Fruit and noone wants to be paid in that, it loses flavour after 10 seconds.

  geko911  |  22

Actually, since OP gave his boss the permission to pay him in gum (because that IS what he did), OP does deserve the title of super-idiot. You wanna be paid for real, then don't treat it as a joke. You never know who is joking and who isn't. I kid alot all the time but cash ain't a laughing matter... Although I did ask my boss to pay me in gold bars once...