By the_lonely_life - 27/06/2013 01:02 - United States

Today, I cleaned up my brother's room, since he's moved out. Under the bed I found a Doritos bag full of used condoms. FML
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Theres this machine that re-seals chip bags so I say you buy it, seal it, and mail it to him :)


iipinkette 16

Atleast he didn't put the Doritos bag back...?

I wonder whether he was intentionally trying to give them that delicious nacho scent.

If there were any left... How stale would they be? How often would OP's brother be getting some? ~_~

pretty stale and pretty often. guessing those are the answers to your questions.

Damian95 16

But put them in a bag of Lays so that way he won't expect ANYTHING to be in it.

AnthonyWheeler15 24

You win all of the awards

18 OP needs to take it a step further and put some lays chips on top so that OP brother won't expect anything

there are some people who would have used the doritos bag. thank goodness hes being safe the conventional way.

#32- and they have bag re-sealers now!

Michele2luv 8

The question is . . .were there any left?

OP said the bag was full, please read carefully before commenting

soupermeal 10

its because all the condoms were used 20...

um...I think 3 means were there any Doritos left? Thinking with your stomach where the rest of FML readers are thinking with their dicks.

Michele2luv 8

Yep, was referring to the chips but whatevs

less Nacho Cheese than Cock Cheese.

She meant if there were Doritos left in the bag

SleeplessBeauty 12

At least he gloved it :)

Yeah, cuming in the bag would have been worse...

yeah, I'd rather have a child than a sticky Doritos bag!

I keep my "gloves" in an empty pack of Ice Breakers then throw it away so no one suspects a thing.

It's the new Nacho Skeet flavor.

of course, now every guy has a Doritos bag full of used condoms under their bed now. right?

It's more disgusting if the bag was a Cool Ranch bag.

Theres this machine that re-seals chip bags so I say you buy it, seal it, and mail it to him :)

beachbum561fla 14

What she said!

That would be the sickest joke ever

That's a good one!

Did it explain the wonky smell in his room?

Yeah leaving a bunch of used condoms to rot under his bed would make the place smell rank.

Sounds like he unlocked the bold