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Today, I woke up in my friend's living room after our sleepover. I heard her hot older brother and his friends in the kitchen. Feeling confident, I exposed my midriff a little bit just to give them a peek. They groaned and threw a blanket over me. FML
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By  Arcterion  |  0

Better than being a human shit-stain like myself, eh OP?

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  babyk41896  |  0

141 of coarse u agree with 41 just look at ur pic it Screams SKANK! but really midriffs shudnt show unless it's Halloween or summer time and not at all if u have jiggle or fatt that's just nasty!

  silentvoice  |  0

161, I like how you can call 141 a shank, and you don't even have a picture to show. you probably just enjoyed her "little peek". you have NO room to talk. that is all. (:


That's right, only men can express their sexuality like animals and get away with it, us girls better stop enjoying our bodies and get back in the kitchen. Sorry, but I'm the type of person to give no fucks what people think and won't supress my sexuality to satisfy those who have repression issues. I'm a woman, I enjoy my sexuality and that doesn't make me a slut, I surely don't whore around with many people or practice unsafe or unclean sexual practices.

Before like 20 people jump down my throat about being misanthropic, I'm about willing to bet that at least as many if not more females ate the ones I generally observe more frequently complaining about sluts. Coincidence? Maybe. Would require an extensive psychogical study I'm sure. And dudes, I know gender roles are fucked up whichever way you slice it. Men have their own shit to deal with; I'm not some feminazi :p Interested in gender studies though