By cutup - United States - Gainesville
Today, I tried to trim my dog's nails. After about a half hour of barking, biting, and general freaking out, I gave up and decided to pay someone else to do it. I'm a vet, and do this for a living. FML
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  cristy91  |  33

Dogs generally don't like having their paws touched, so perhaps this dog is just even more sensitive. Plus, it's way easier to make someone else deal with it.


35- If their nails don't wear down naturally (by walking on pavement or hard surfaces) they will become too long and scratch you/the floors. There may be health side affects but I'm not sure. (I used to help out at a grooming salon).


Just found this online...seems to answer your question. Some bad side effects of not trimming your canine friend's nails:

-Painful ingrown nails
-Nail bleeding if the “quick” (blood vessels that extend into the nail) gets too long
-Discomfort in feet, legs and hips due to shifting weight as a result of long nails

  48Connor  |  10

I work at a vet, and generally when we cut a dogs or cats nails, we usually have one person cutting, and another person holding the animal still and holding the head so it doesn't bite at anyone or run away.

  evilplatypus  |  38

I'm very good at trimming other people's pet's nails, but when it comes to my own pets, I spend so much time cooing over them and trying to comfort them that it makes things worse.
It's kinda like my aunt: she's a doctor but can't do any medical stuff on her own kids because she gets so nervous.

  Griffin10  |  5

Coming from a vet myself it's a lot harder to trim nails on a dog that is squirmy and crazy do before u insult someone's job. And its REALLY hard to do urself

  Drigr  |  9

Every time an animal FML comes up it is "dogs/cats are better!!!" I say screw that, I have 2 dogs, and 2 cats, and they are all fucking awesome!

By  trippythehippy  |  6

He's mad after the last time you got out the scissors. Poor pup didn't even know it was broken.

But seriously. It sounds like the fact that it's your dog, and your the pups human... Just a thought