By thatgirl - 10/10/2011 07:16 - United States

Today, I went on a date with a respectable, successful, polite, and attractive guy. Ten minutes into the conversation, I find out he's a neo-Nazi and earned a swastika tattoo in prison for "something shady." FML
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RabidBunny 10

He got it for correcting someone's grammar...

It's appalling to see that Nazism still exists. I know this may come across as ignorant, but what's even the point in maintaining a belief in Nazism in this day and age?


tjv3 10

well everyone has their issues. lol

How did you Nazi that coming? Did Jew still have a good time? Do you think heil call you for another date? Have you seen Kyle?

She obviously did Nazi that coming Jew have very good puns

catiexoxo 0

You were so close :l maybe next time. (however next time don't write "first comment", its frowned upon).

Don't let this one slip through your hands

Or he could have got it for good luck so he would never drop the soap

nonelikeworms 0

Well that disproves some stereotypes on Nazis.

Poetaster 10

Thumbs up for sitting politely through dinner. Time to "bail"