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Today, my boyfriend told me that the girl he really likes sees me as a threat. FML
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Tell him: "well, go for her, I will no longer be a threat." Why stay with someone that wants to be with someone else?


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I agree dump him and move on. There is a better guy out there for you.

im not usually gungho on dump him comments. BUT, he specifically stated the girl he actually likes. what the **** does that make you? i think its time to find someone else. one who actually likes you.

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Do people even know what love is anymore?

#66 there are a lot of fml's like this one. I wonder what's going on with those people? Just how can someone be such a complete asshole? HOW op even liked the guy? It's not my place to say it, but maybe op should be more careful while looking for a date

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#2 - What? How does that make the boyfriend bad?

How does it not? The girl he 'actually likes' should be his girlfriend.

I dont think hes worth the fight. Just break up with him so he can be with the girl he likes. While its possible that he likes you both, he might like her more since he even felt the need to mention it

He isn't worth the fight or this FML. You should have just bitch slapped him and walked away with a smile.

Or instead of fighting the girl op could just deck her boyfriend

I guess we can see where this is heading. Sorry OP.

Tell him: "well, go for her, I will no longer be a threat." Why stay with someone that wants to be with someone else?

I agree. If she did know he had feelings for another girl, why the hell would she stay with him? I know I wouldn't. I'd want to be with a man who loves me, not another girl. If she just found out, she needs to leave him NOW. There's a big chance he'd cheat on her for that girl.

Better tell that bitch to back off or tell him to **** off

Definitly tell him to **** off because the guy will probably do it again if the other girl goes away

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Kick him where it hurts the most. You don't need a jerk like that in your life.

#24- I don't think he has a heart. When OP is done with him he may not have any balls either.

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I don't know, the ear must be a pretty painful place to be kicked.

I assume that if the roles were reversed, that you'd want the guy to kick the girl, right?

You really don't need that. Fml always surprises me with stories of bad bf/gfs doing some mind-boggling stuff.

i don't even understand the situation.

Yeah, I'm glad you admitted that. I didn't want to be the first one. I was like, "Wait...huh?" It sounds like the boyfriend really likes someone other than his girlfriend and that this other person likes him too, but if that's the case, why isn't he dating her, and if he's cheating, why would he admit that to OP? Makes no sense, but maybe I'm just over thinking it.

The boyfriend has told her that there's a girl he really likes, and said girl sees his girlfriend as a threat. Which she should, it's his girlfriend. But as he likes this other girl, I have no idea why he's with the OP. That, or he didn't think they were dating, just good friends, she thought they were dating, and the girl he actually wants sees OP as a threat. For toys scenario I'm assuming they're teenagers. Without a follow up, I fear we shall never know.

I agree #49. He probably saw her as a good friend, she assumed otherwise. And that is why you should never assume things.

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You got him to notice you and go out with you. Good, now you get some other guy to notice you, one who's not a douchebag. Plenty of fish in the sea. Dump him and go find a better one. He needs a lesson as much as you need a new boyfriend.

It's time he sees you as a threat now