By WastedTime - 07/08/2010 06:06 - United States

Today, my boyfriend of one year told me not to walk beside him because people might "think we're together". FML
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You made a mistake, it's spelt 'ex-boyfriend'.

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If you are smart, you won't be together anymore. Then nobody will think you are.


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What a moron. Unless he was kidding. Either way, dumb thing to say. ♥

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hahaha... he already has a main course, to play and eat out, and considers her to be a side salad

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hmm. maybe it's time to end it.

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u should tell him don't worry cuz we'll never walk togeter again!!

catalystics 2

congrats number one, you want a parade or a cookie? and well, he's a bad boyfriend. I'd dump him, but that's just me.

18, I find it sad that out of the 16 fmls you have posted, none of them have been confirmed. stop trying?


anyone else think maybe OP is one of those crazy delusional people who just assumes a relationship is more than it really is?

PimpdaddyCJT 13

"da ****?" cut his nuts!!! lmao don't... just break up w/ him.

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maybe you should be more attractive

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y do black ppl eat tootsie rolls with forks-so that they dont bite there fingers off AHAHAAHA HELL YES BITCHES

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I wouldn't want to be seen with you either

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op your and idiot it should be **** his life an you should leave him! broads are such fools

I say that when my girlfriend is dressed like a fry cook.

YDI for wanting to be close to your boyfriend

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YDI for your boyfriend not wanting to walk next to you because he might think that you two are together. also, YDI for dividing by zero. TAKE THAT SKROAL

pingpongpenguin 3

maybe he didn't know you guys were dating. you just have to tell him and that will clear everything up .

funny because he does not want to be seen with you

There must be a reason why he doesn't want to be seen with you .. So .. YDI

80: for a year? And if he seems embarrassed or offended if people would think they were together it doesn't seem like he wants to start anything with her either. OP, your username is right. Glad you figured things out before things got more complicated. Stay strong.

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wow wat a douche! but I agree with 22 tht would have been a great thing to say!!

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I can't even count how many fmls are like this

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Wow 1 what a good use of the 1st comment Loser

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pooor girl ,ydi for still being with him

YDI for your boyfriend of one year telling you not to walk beside him because people might "think you're together".

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Why are there so many FML's about people thinking they have a bf/gf for a year when they're not actually dating? Do you people actually talk to your "SO" within that year???

OP in all seriousness; hopefully you meant your now EX-boyfriend. Dump him and display some self-respect for the next one or expect to always be treated badly.

pingpongpenguin 3

I would totally have to agree..dump the ******. /:

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he's either gay or just uses you for sex and think you're ugly.One or the other either way it's ****** up.

108 - You have a firm grasp of the obvious! 

ydi for walking by his side, no offense for ppl who is single and pretend to be with someone else

freeze in hell skroal yes I know I said freeze

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what a douchebag slap him in the face and break up with that b*tch )=

skroal why exactly must you copy the FML? It is somewhat annoying and gives me the urge to rip out your spine and whip you with it ;)

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YDI for being a psycho-bitch and thinking he's ur boyfriend.

Lol thats when you say "You won't have to worry bout that anymore because im going to cut your legs off".

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WTF is the point of being together

to cherish your life together, to love, to share the moment...

to share? there's no "effing" way I'm sharing my chips.

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what else is there to say? the girl loves her chips :)

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maybe you should tell him that too fyl op

As do I.... Mine did the same thing by simply always walking ahead of me. And wouldn't hold my hand. And stepped away if I touched him even on his back or arm in public. Don't put up with it. Not just for the OP two years ago but anyone reading these years later like me. I gave up 3 years and 8 months for what he put me through.

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Then you guys weren't together...?

You made a mistake, it's spelt 'ex-boyfriend'.

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If you are smart, you won't be together anymore. Then nobody will think you are.

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