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  ohSNAPyall  |  26

80: for a year? And if he seems embarrassed or offended if people would think they were together it doesn't seem like he wants to start anything with her either.

OP, your username is right. Glad you figured things out before things got more complicated. Stay strong.

  eggjuggler  |  0

Why are there so many FML's about people thinking they have a bf/gf for a year when they're not actually dating? Do you people actually talk to your "SO" within that year???

  GRyphonLJJ  |  0

OP in all seriousness; hopefully you meant your now EX-boyfriend.
Dump him and display some self-respect for the next one or expect to always be treated badly.

  DustyStorm  |  16

As do I.... Mine did the same thing by simply always walking ahead of me. And wouldn't hold my hand. And stepped away if I touched him even on his back or arm in public. Don't put up with it. Not just for the OP two years ago but anyone reading these years later like me. I gave up 3 years and 8 months for what he put me through.