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Today, my girlfriend accused me of being insecure and feeling threatened by the fact that she has a daughter from a previous relationship. She's vaguely right; I feel threatened, but mainly because the psycho keeps threatening to stab me to death when her mom isn't around to hear. FML
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"Your daughter seems to enjoying the thought of stabbing me." Yeah not really

Exactly. Even better, use a hidden camera and record it, multiple times if you can.

Yessss do this! My 7 year old aunt constantly swore at me. Even tried to black mail me. She'd tell my mom I was swearing (when I wasn't). If I didn't give her an extra pop or something. So I used my cellphone to record her trying to manipulate me one time. Lol she never tried that again. Felt a little bad because after I played it back for her; she broke down in tears.

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their grandmother could have been a teen mom and perhaps also the above commenters mom could have been a teen mom so it's possible to have a younger aunt if the grandma had kids later on.

It happens, my mum had her first of 5 kids at 20, last one at 44(me) my sister that she had at 20, became pregnant at 16 then at 17 (she was married) and the child she had at 17 had her first child at 16, I was made an aunty before I was born and a great aunt when I was 14, weird world but it happens, when I was in HS people thought 2 of my older sisters were my mother, which was funny. 7yr old aunt is entirely possible

Hahaha oh man. My grandpa has 8 kids. All spaced out in ages. My grandpa is a big oll man ****. He's known in my town as a womanizer. He's in his 60s, but lived a healthy lifestyle so he looks 40. He currently has four girls in their 30s fighting over him. Every time I visit him he has a new woman.

Man **** Grampa I smell a sitcom in the making.

If you haven't told the mom what's going on then you deserve it OP. Rather than living in fear of her kid - and ruining your relationship in the process - you need to just be honest about what's going on. Your relationship is already going down the toilet because of this kid so you have nothing to lose. If you can't or won't talk to her about this, then you need to pack up and go now. Why? Because, if she's threatening to kill you and getting away with it ...... what is she already telling her mother about you and how long before she says you tried to molest her?

If you can talk to her mom about it , you should when she isn't around.

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Literally: in a literal manner or sense; exactly. "the driver took it literally when asked to go straight across the traffic circle." Please use the English language properly.

Lighten up 33, the fluidity of language is what makes it beautiful, not to mention what makes it evolve.

Um, that's the sense he used 'literally' in; 'ouch' can be used of a slightly uncomfortable event or of physical pain, as he's using it here. Admittedly, as the kid hasn't actually attacked him yet, the 'ouch' is preempting an event which mightn't happen, but nonetheless...

I would talk to her mom when the devil child is not there

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Is she the spawn of satan? Throw garlic at her and if she doesn't sneeze then she definitely is the spawn of satan!

Garlic doesn't make people sneeze.........

What are you waiting for? Say something! Nobody deserves that kind of treatment, don't stand for that!

I find it sad how few thumbs up this has, does no one else get the reference?

#23 care to explain the reference? xD

I am sad that the reference has to be explained. Now I feel old. Thanks a lot. :'(

I am 19 and none of my friends knew about this movie/book. I feel like the old person shaking their cane at a kid, calling them uncultured swines.