By lemonlime66 - 20/11/2015 00:25 - United States - Lyman

Today, my crush came into the gas station I work at and said, "Man, you look hot today!" Flattered, I thanked him. He replied, "No, I mean like hot and sweaty, like you've been working hard." FML
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lemonlime66 tells us more.

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Hey, OP here. This happened a few months ago, but I still remember the embarrassment like it was this morning. I made a joke out of it, we became close, and then his wife and I found out about each other. We became friends, they got divorced, and we all lived happily ever after (except him).

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That escalated quickly

That might be the quickest escalation I've ever heard before


I feel like you are going to be friend zoned so hard.

OP may have lost interest in him after that comment

lexiieeex3 32

I feel like they already were...

How can people think that you deserved it? FYL OP

itwasntme14 19

I'm assuming they think that if she was actually "hot and sweaty" that she deserves to be told that.

Surely the whole point is to end up with a girl who is hot and sweaty.

Supaviper 14

That's one dumb crush.

Because saying a completely normal thing makes you dumb does it? Just because the OP has a crush on him, doesn't mean the feeling is mutual. It's not like he's got some magic detector that lets him know he's into him does he?

I meant say 'who's into him' not 'he's into him'

Supaviper 14

What I'm saying is he's dumb for calling her hot because she looked sweaty.

NomeDMF 17

.....well. Typically, if you're hot, you sweat. So does that still make him dumb?

Supaviper 14

nowadays hot tends to mean good-looking. When was the last time I heard someone calling someone else hot referring to sweat?

"John is hot. He has a fever." "I'm feeling really warm. Are you as hot as me right now?"

A07 48

Sounds like it's more likely you get employee of the month than the guy

Should have tried saying "I'm hot and sweaty for you baby..". I mean it could go either way though.. :P PS: But seriously, I don't get the whole hype about distant crushes. Go ask that person out, be nice about it.. If it doesn't work out, atleast you can move on..

lexiieeex3 32

Somehow I think that would have made things more awkward...

Hahahaha yeah I was just being sarcastic.. :P The "PS" part was the actual comment :D

lexiieeex3 32

The "hot" vs. "hot" response... Gets me every time.

Hot and sweaty may not be the best compliment, but at least he could tell the OP is a hard worker...that's still something to be proud of.

Don't feel bad about yourself, it was a mistake of hot or hot. Next time you see your crush say the same thing to them and try to make it an inside joke and become friends. Keep it up and no more just crush

Hey! He at least noticed how hard you've been working :3

shortcake18 15

Sorry op but at least he noticed