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By Anonymous - 21/04/2011 13:47 - United States

Today, my boyfriend said to me, "You know how I know I love you? I don't want you to leave after we have sex." He thinks that's a compliment. FML
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Nurisaintlucy 0

This is a compliment, usually if a guy didn't care about you he wouldn't stay for the cuddling

the sooner you understand a guys compliments, the longer you stay in a relationship with us.


Nurisaintlucy 0

This is a compliment, usually if a guy didn't care about you he wouldn't stay for the cuddling

vanilla2u 5

Exactly, most guys even if the cared about you would want you to leave so they could relax or something. You're ungrateful.

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I totally agree. you should be happy op

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op that is a compliment! quit being such a twat

you just got it handed to you so hard. I think someone deserves an apology. and dinner. every night. for allowing you to be in his presence.

Why cant all girls be as understanding as 5, 15, 21, 50?

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confused how is this NOT a compliment

91, the way it can't be a compliment is if you look at it as "my boyfriend is using me" kinda deal

ori0324 1

#3 doesnt look old enough to have sex, yet acts like they know all about sex and intimate relationships.

hey #115 you never know...and that is such a compliment learn to appreciate

#110, how is he using her? Presumably they both enjoy the sex and he enjoys her company when they are not actually engaged in intercourse. It's not the most romantic thing ever said but it damn sure isn't an insult. OP, you've either got thin skin or no sense of humour. If this is a new relationship, he might be working his way up to telling you his feelings are deeper than just physical attraction.

Boys aren't always the best with words so I think what he said was sweet. I don't know if that makes me weird though :/

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hey, that jus means ur good at what you do, dont be ashamed;)

this is probably the same person that whined about her boyfriend making a joke about going down on her

Sure it is a compliment if he thinks so. Just take it!

Men can be very honest and direct with their thoughts. This is a compliment. You can have poetic rhetoric full of sound and passion, signifying nothing ... or you can have something deep and meaningful, sans elaborate presentation. Err on the meaningful and take the compliment.

AceArctic 4

This is a compliment, you just don't realize it. Just like "You look like a high class prostitute" is a compliment. :)

I agree. I think he has a great sense of humour too and I'm a girl.

it's a compliment, take it and stop whining..

ImaWiseGuy 5

sad or not, it's a compliment none the less....

I think it was sweet of him. Some girls just don't get it :|

its not sad, its how we are: once the sex is over, we actually feel the urge to sleep and be left alone, chemicals are released in our brains and focre us to be like that. I can tell, its a strong feeling. So yes, if your boyfriend is genuinely happy, tells you sweet things and wants to cuddle just right after he ejaculated, that means he genuinely loves you and you're lucky to be with a guy who cares that much about you. hope Im not being crude by saying that, but girls never seem to believe it. Its just a hard wired reaction that we guys have, thats just how we are..

If guys make you sad why dont you stay away from them? Or get it on with women, they don't fall asleep afterwords. Just saying...

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56- but would you want to stay around afterwards? if you do apparently that means you love her...

no, if I stay around afterward it's so I can plow her again in 20 minutes. if I ask HER to stay I love her. needless to say, I'd probably stick around. but not ask her to.

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Shes pretty, but wait! There's more! two thumbs up for whoever gets that reference lol

minktheshrink 0

88- wow... that was... past the line? idk how I'd feel of I were #8. she's cute and prolly deserves better than that.

you're both *******. take a joke. sure she's cute. but you don't know what she deserves. she could be a saint or a total ****. anyway, see my first two sentences for the main point.

minktheshrink 0

Eddie - I'm not saying she's a nice person so she deserves better than that. I'm saying she's a lady and the phrase "so I can plow her again in 20min" is a little offensive. For all I know she could be a total bitch but I try to give people the benefit of the doubt.

... Wouldn't tag and bag make more sense?

the sooner you understand a guys compliments, the longer you stay in a relationship with us.

that may be so, but some guys compliment you just so they can **** you over and over again. they do the bare minimum to lead you on to thinking they're serious about you, then one day, break up with you and start ******* someone else the same day... while living with their ex gf... sorry, kinda went off on that...

Sounds like you've got some issues, friend. This is what leads women to be lesbians.

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true love is what you do after sex... say board games :3

board games can become highly erotic when played in the nude... especially monopoly.

Is that lump supposed to be a baby belly? O.o

^ anyway. I'd rather have a sandwich than a visit from the Parker bros.

xtacticalswarmx 0

Lmao!!! I spit my Rockstar through my nose readin 23's comment!

I'm just waiting for THEmuffinpan to ask if that lump is suppose to be a baby's belly.

No no no, it's supposed to be a "baby" belly. Like she's pregnant or some such garbage. Even though you can see she's holding her shirt.

FleshForFantasy 3

What did you expect? He's a guy! Not all are romantic like in literature or in films. It sounds like a compliment to me. Be happy that he doesn't want to throw you out like a one night stand after sex.

That's actually pretty sweet. It means he feels comfortable enough to want to around after sex, and that feeling made him realize he loves you.

lmaoatall 6

IT IS A COMPLIMENT!! if he leaves afterwards you would complain about that too. what's up with all the gripeing woman today? damn bitch fest.

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beat thing I've heard all day

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Ik.. girls just don't understand us these days

lmaoatall 6

83- i am a female, I'm not partial. I do understand. I side against a- holes. I also will admit that woman can and probably are the biggest shallowest bitches on the face of the planet. not all but alot. makes me want to grow a pair sometimes. it's alot about what can he do for me, rather than who his is deep. I don't mean to offend any ladies with class out there. please excuse me.. aaah im sure I'm going to get flooded with the thumbs down now...

lmaoatall 6

142 why is every one misunderstanding my direct words today? if your going to quote me, please do it acuratley, " I feel like growing a pair SOMETIMES" and these sometimes is when I'm dealing with bitches!!!

Whoa, whoa, calm your ****. She was just voicing her opinion.

lmaoatall 6

alright 151- my ******* are calm now! some times they just get all bent out out of shape! I hate being mis-quoted, and what I'm trying to say is twisted. my apologies!