By anonymous - 17/7/2020 08:00

The apple of my eye

Today, I wanted to surprise my boyfriend by bringing him some dinner. He made the same noise unwrapping the burger that he does when he sees me naked. I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. FML
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  mayaklast  |  12

Well, if the restaurant is a McDonald, which seems implied here, it's debatable. I mean 'you're like fastfood to me' (or 'you make me think of limp lettuce, sandwiched between school cafeteria grade meat, sickly sweet sauce and slightly dry bread') is not something which I would take for a compliment. But to each their own, I suppose... ^^

By  Wadlaen  |  19

As many of the comments above has said: That's a good thing!
The sight of your naked body gives him the same mouth-watering experience as delicious food - there's probably some way you can take advantage of this😜