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Today, my boyfriend told me my vagina is "as clean as a dog's mouth." I'm not sure if that supposed to be a compliment or not. FML
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A dog's mouth is full of bacteria just like any other damp wet space. . Google it


Well considering the things that go in/around a dog's mouth, I would hope someone's ****** is cleaner

48, considering the things that go in and around some vaginas, I wouldn't be so sure.

Not a compliment. Dogs lick anything and everything. The amount of Bacteria in there mouth is insane. So their mouths are very dirty.

You have a point, but I'm hoping OP isn't nasty. I could very well be wrong, especially if her boyfriend is comparing it to a dog's mouth.

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Dogs lick their balls, vaginas also come into contact with balls. Maybe that's the connection there.

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dogs also eat their own shit

dogs also eat the shit of humans.

Well apparently dogs mouths are cleaner then humans so I really don't know.

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That is so not correct. Have you seen the kinds of things dogs put in their mouth?

A dogs saliva cleans itself, sure dogs lick assholes, but so do humans, while we use store bought cleaning utensils, they just have their spit

"Sure dogs lick assholes, but so do humans." #35, what kind of people do you usually hang around for asshole licking to be that common?

Actually, a dog's mouth has less bacteria than that of a human's mouth.

I keep hearing this notion of dogs' mouths being more clean than humans. Even if that is the case, it doesn't mean that they don't have any pathogens residing in their mouths.

Dogs have antibacterial properties in their saliva, it's pretty clean :)

It's a myth that dogs saliva cleans itself. dogs mouths are definitely not cleaner than a humans. And human bites always end in infection? um no, that's definitely not true.

my dog eats others feces, tears up used pads, laps up loogies and snot, chews on toenail clippings, eats hers and others vomit, and who knows what else she eats outside.

ive licked my girls ass more than once so..... in my world, common.

#59.. Who knows who he hangs out with, but there is a song that says "eat the booty like groceries". So some people do in fact, eat ass.

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I am guessing that is sarcasm?

I would assume he means it as a compliment, just a very awkward one in my opinion.

Ya its a compliment, dogs mouths are cleaner than humans

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#50, it's actually not a myth. I actually did this as a project for science. A dogs mouth has different bacteria made to clean it out. Now dog teeth have more plaque than a humans, but their mouth is genrally cleaner.

A dog's mouth is full of bacteria just like any other damp wet space. . Google it

Still better then a humans mouth though . True fact .

dogs' mouths don't contain sticky pickle germs, lol

It's filled with bacteria, but it's helpful bacteria that keeps your mouth clean.

Dogs mouths are supposedly one of the cleanest parts on them

he's not understanding the word puasy

I don't know what the word "puasy" means, either.