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  yamatelle  |  19

Do you sweat like a glassblower's ass? Hi, Vince here for Shamwow? You'll be saying wow everytime you use Shamwow. It holds twenty times its liquid weight and works great for backsweat.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I agree. I know that there are a few illnesses, for a lack of a better word, where a person will sweat alot. I believe it has to do with the glands. But I also know that excessive sweating can be a side effect or symptom of something else completely. Medication can have that side effect, being overweight can cause it, but more importantly it could be a symptom of another illness or disease even! So I would definitely see a doctor just to be safe!! And unfortunately there's nothing you can do at home that would help, other than deoderant. Good luck!!

By  katyglaze  |  3

Botox may work for that... It works for other places on the body regarding excessive sweating. Like palms, and also under your arms... So I'm sure it would work for your back as well. May be worth asking your doctor. It will probably be expensive though, I know it's between $300-$600 for facial injections alone, so a large area on the body like your back will most likely be very costly.