By MissPerspirent - 28/09/2011 02:18 - Canada

Today, I have come to the point in my life where I need to Google how to stop excessive back sweat. FML
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Double t-shirt all the wayyyy

That is hot, nuff said :)


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I'm a winner. Winning!

You all just lost the game

lbumbblebee 5

Google knows EVERYTHING! I say good choice op ! :D

yamatelle 19

Do you sweat like a glassblower's ass? Hi, Vince here for Shamwow? You'll be saying wow everytime you use Shamwow. It holds twenty times its liquid weight and works great for backsweat.

U FAIL @ THE INTERNETZ LOLZ!!!!! There, got that totally irrelevant comment out of my system, carry on now.

LiyIa_fml 8

All hail to google! Its amaaaazing!

MissBunnyWillEat 11

Whoa, all of you spitfucks got thumbed down.

"Spitfucks"? And the ones with "-1" probably got thumbed down by you.

tylersign 11

Google's birthday was yesterday. :) Just though I'd throw that out there.

Gross....just realized OP is a girl...

Double t-shirt all the wayyyy

makes you sweat more though... but better alternative to back sweat.

It's tee-shirt tee-shirt time!

Double tee shirt Oh my Gawd! Double tee shirt...

Double T-Shirt all the wayyyy across your back! Yeeaah yeeahh so intense!

hey atleast your not looking up how to stop excessive ball sweat.

Ew. At what age are you at that point?

That is hot, nuff said :)

No kidding, I mean hottt dammn!

Haha thanks

You should see a doctor if you've reached that point...

It's not an illness u dumb shit some people just sweat more than others

actually it could be an illness or condition of some sort. i myself have hyperhydrosis. there are treatments.

I agree. I know that there are a few illnesses, for a lack of a better word, where a person will sweat alot. I believe it has to do with the glands. But I also know that excessive sweating can be a side effect or symptom of something else completely. Medication can have that side effect, being overweight can cause it, but more importantly it could be a symptom of another illness or disease even! So I would definitely see a doctor just to be safe!! And unfortunately there's nothing you can do at home that would help, other than deoderant. Good luck!!

Yeah OP should sue!

SlaveToRetail 10

How sexy.

Did anyone else just got even more sickened when they read it was a girl

I just wanna make you sweat :D

I recommend moving to the vast northern part of Canada that's too cold and useless to permanently inhabit for most others.

Trim your back hair =D

brrarm 17

It's a female's post, so I think less likely to have "trimable" back hair!

#51 really no I didn't take notice (and if you cant tell this is also sarcasm... Take a chill pill and chillax or I will eat your brains)

Botox may work for that... It works for other places on the body regarding excessive sweating. Like palms, and also under your arms... So I'm sure it would work for your back as well. May be worth asking your doctor. It will probably be expensive though, I know it's between $300-$600 for facial injections alone, so a large area on the body like your back will most likely be very costly.

seppi24 1

so rather botox than double Shirt? sounds legit.