By ch4nny - 29/08/2014 01:47 - Australia - Sydney

Today, my boyfriend was stroking my stomach and looking into my eyes. It was very romantic, until he grabbed my love handles and said, "Mmmm... bacon..." FML
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Grab his penis and say "Mmmm...cocktail weenie"

If it really bothers you that much just tell him. I'm sure if you explained that him commenting about bacon while holding onto you is unflattering, he would stop. (:


Wait whaaaat? I thought he actually believed that her flesh was made out of bacon!!?

CelticSkye 13

If that was a joke, it was in poor taste. Your boyfriend is a pig.

incoherentrmblr 21

Then I guess he wants to commit cannibalism...

fearlesscooldude 12

Bacon is good. Love handles are good. Getting called both is probably really nice, I'd take it as a compliment. :)

Maybe the moment got too deep for him and he was trying to lighten the mood?

If it really bothers you that much just tell him. I'm sure if you explained that him commenting about bacon while holding onto you is unflattering, he would stop. (:

I personally think it's cute. My boyfriend likes to grab by thighs and call me his lamb chop haha

Pretty rude thing to do, sorry op. On the bright side bacon is pretty awesome.

Grab his penis and say "Mmmm...cocktail weenie"

I don't think it would have the same effect as it did on op. That would most likely turn him on.

Unless it hits him that cocktail weenies are bite size.

Nedryel_fml 4

I don't get why if you get hurt you should try to hurt the other even more ... seriously do people who give such advices actualy do that in their own relationship ? Same goes for the "dump him" comments ...

TiaBug 13

Well, in Australia she'd call it a cheerio :P

OP try this at your own risk, there's a chance you'll end up riding a cocktail weenie as a result or a an argument over both of your body parts or he'll just apologize for what he said so prepare yourself for all the possible outcomes before trying this..

MountainGiant87 15

Ooh, I just discovered a movie called Canadian Bacon (1995). "The U.S. President, low in the opinion polls, gets talked into raising his popularity by trying to start a cold war against Canada.. Not sure how I feel about that.. Has anyone seen it?

I believe Canadian Bacon was a comedy.

i8cake 12

Immature of him even if you have a few extra pounds on you

tayymeds 23

Just do it right back and be like "mmmm.... mini corndogs." or something along the lines of small penis-shaped food insults.

Guys love bacon , so take it as a compliment even tho it might not seem like one .

MountainGiant87 15

Bacon and boobs. They make life worth it.

Ya, as insulting as that probably sounds to us, he was probably all turned on by the thought of your body and bacon together, hence not an insult. :)

WaxenSecrets 5

As a guy, I can say that I can't see being compared to bacon as being a negative thing. If you're so attractive to him that you're comparable to BACON, I almost can't believe you ever even took offense to that. That is the farthest imaginable thing from an insult in man-land.

Liking bacon isn't specific to guys, everybody loves bacon

I have a pet pig, and sometimes I grab her back leg and tell her that her ham hock looks delicious. I would NEVER actually eat the pig. (She is just a pet) I just have a strange sense of humor. But since you don't eat people, generally... Maybe he's an asshole.

If I had a pig I'd be doing the same thing lol, or telling him/her what great bacon she'd be

if I had a pet pig I'd be fattening it up then its bacon, spare ribs, and chops for all. then buy a new pet and start over