By diva467 - / Saturday 3 October 2009 18:41 / United States
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  Starchild21  |  3

except it wasn't "...luckily I was wearing", it was "...I was wearing my lucky", what you don't have a lucky set? I got lucky boxers haha


  MimiKnox  |  0

Only failed at tucking skirt in underwear, but WIN at having AWESOME undies!! I'm jealous!! Where can I get me some Star Wars undies? I only got Betty Bop, Sailor Moon, Sonic and Astro Boy panties. (yes I only love and wear cartoon undies!)

  mstrmje  |  0

awesome i needed a nerdy gf until all but 7 months ago she is the best thing in my life and she too has a lucky pair and a star wars pair the lucky pair is nintendo