By diva467 - 03/10/2009 18:41 - United States

Today, I was on a date with a guy having a great time. I went up to go to the ladies' room, but as I walked back to the table, I heard some giggles. I looked and found out why. My skirt was tucked into my underwear. I was wearing my lucky Star Wars-themed panties. FML
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I wonder if Chewbaca was the character for her theme?

Dogman332 0

Hey, I love nerdy girls, call me sometimes. JK. But that is funny.

hey jbass's birthday contest!

this is NOT an FML. especially if it was "lucky you were wearing your star-wars themed panties" take it to MLIA.

except it wasn't "...luckily I was wearing", it was "...I was wearing my lucky", what you don't have a lucky set? I got lucky boxers haha _______________________________

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I want to marry the OP lol.

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unless the guy is a douche you have nothing to worry about. like seriously...

nice random myspace link lol now I'm gonna add you

if star wars panties aren't cool, then I don't want to be cool

They wouldn't be as lucky if she happened to 'get lucky'

chillbro69 0

Only failed at tucking skirt in underwear, but WIN at having AWESOME undies!! I'm jealous!! Where can I get me some Star Wars undies? I only got Betty Bop, Sailor Moon, Sonic and Astro Boy panties. (yes I only love and wear cartoon undies!)

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awesome i needed a nerdy gf until all but 7 months ago she is the best thing in my life and she too has a lucky pair and a star wars pair the lucky pair is nintendo

that's just awesome. i wish i had star wars panties.

arisaurus 0

well thats an epic failure.ur supposed to check urself before you leave.smarty.

YDI for having starwars panties, what are you 12?

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psh...all the cool kids have star wars underwear. don't be hatin

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with Star stfu and gtfo.

What's wrong with Star Wars panties? Besides most 12 years today are too retarded not to have a pair!

cass1_l0ve 13

Most 12 year olds today are so obsessed with Justin Beiber and stupid crap like that they probably haven't even heard of star wars.

Unicorntails 7

Heyheyhey, I'm 12. Offensive! D:< I've heard of Star Wars and I love it. Not the entire generation sucks, but 99.7% do..