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Today, my boyfriend said that he doesn't have to marry me because we coincidentally have the same last name. FML
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He can still marry you, but you don't get the hassle of changing your name on driving licence, bank cards etc. That's brilliant!

"You know that means I can't kiss you, because we have the same last name and that would be incest"


He can still marry you, but you don't get the hassle of changing your name on driving licence, bank cards etc. That's brilliant!

Schizomaniac 24

I've always thought that for the woman changing her last name on all those documents would be kind of exciting.

Maybe being newlywed is exciting, but filling out paperwork surely is not.

Schizomaniac 24

I meant the process in general. I'm a bit of a "hopeless romantic" so I'm sure most people will disagree.

You have your own opinion that's not a crime

I understand what you're saying, and the finality of the new last name is great! The process of getting it done, however, is a pain in the ass. I've been married for 1 1/2 years now, and STILL have to use my maiden name in some cases.

And when they get divorced, she won't have to change her name back, because that paperwork is even more of a hassle.

zebrainthenight 13

#88 Maybe you smell it on yourself. I have three friends who are not related in anyway with the same last names. It is not very rare to have the same last name as someone you know, especially if it is a common last name.

#91 For example, me. I have one of the most common last names there is.

Amanyyyyyy 29

87- "When" they get divorced? How about "if"? Lol don't make it sound so futile :P

Actually, statistically speaking chances of them being related somewhere along the lines are very very high. Like 70%+

Statistically speaking, 67.19% of statistical percentages are made up on the spot.

World_Burner 13

#119, that number is actually 85% lol Oh yeah and McCain is a pretty common name, I know several people who I'm not related with that have the same last name.

I once lived in a small neighborhood and 3 of the families last names were Smith. Smith is everywhere.

I agree #1! This is a dream come true!

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You make it sound so simple... *sigh*

They could make it "Smith-Smith," with whatever their name is. ESPECIALLY on their checks.

Smith^2 would be an awesome last name!

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I always thought it was pretty unfair that women are expected to change their last names when married. I'd want to keep my name but I would also want to have the same last name as any kids I would have, so to compromise I'm trying to convince my boyfriend that it would be a good idea to change both of our last names to something really cool so that way it's fair haha. But of course he doesn't want to change his name either.

inner_peace 19

It's great that you don't have to change your last name, but you two will be missing out on the tax-related benefits of being married.

#20 Let's try and go with "slick" instead.

If both work then there is a high chance that their joint taxes will be greater than their individual taxes were they not married.

Hmmm, that's a pretty darn great excuse... NOT

He probably changed his name for that exact purpose.

"You know that means I can't kiss you, because we have the same last name and that would be incest"

"I'm 'er brother and she's my seester! And we're gettin married!"

The Lannisters didn't seem to have a problem with it.

Last babes like "smith" or Johnson are comin as hell ..dosent really mean they're incest

That is actually quite convenient, no getting used to a different last name or anything, he still should marry you if that's what you want.

He should marry her if that's what he wants as well..

So it's only her choice is what you're saying.

Animekid126 13

What about all the benefits of being married money wise? Not to mention it's a pretty important process.

That would save the time of you changing your ID and things like that

I dated a guy with the same last name as me and had a similar problem. He thought people mistook us for siblings too often so he didn't want to pursue anything further. People get hung up on the strangest things...

If he's constantly being accused of incest I could see how it would get old fast, I don't really understand how it would be an issue as long as you're not somewhere like school though, normally people don't know last names.

RedPillSucks 31

We didn't have that problem 'cause we were of different races.

People didn't accuse him of incest at all, he was just paranoid that people did.