By Anonymous - 24/04/2011 20:55 - United States

Today, it is both my birthday and Easter. My whole family came into town and my mom made a big dinner with all of my favorite foods. After church, I took a nap. When I woke up, all the food, including my cake, was gone. No one thought to wake me up. FML
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You totally need a new family.

Yeah, but when your whole family is here, and there's a dinner for your birthday, it seems reasonable to expect to be woken up for it, don't you think ?


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I agree w/30, the family should have woke her up. =

What's so bad about this comment? Isn't an alarm clock an useful tool for when you want to wake up for something?

Yeah, but when your whole family is here, and there's a dinner for your birthday, it seems reasonable to expect to be woken up for it, don't you think ?

also alarms are usually for when you wake up for the morning, not for naps.

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It certaintly made me feel better.

So much win in such a random comment. I sure felt better!

you self-centered asshole

#1, how would OP know when the family were going to arrive or when lunch or dinner or whatever meal he missed was going to happen anyway? He/She would need to know a time to set in an alarm to begin with. I don't think they are smart enough to automatically suggest a time that we should wake yet.

this made my day

what made your day?

OP, you share my birthday :)

I agree with 69. there is nothing wrong with this comment. I don't get why people are so negitive to people's comments. And watch I bet this one will get at least 5 thumbs downs. Just watch.

You totally need a new family.

But they wanted all the cake!

but the cake is a lie....

you should make them get you a new cake :)

lol OPs fam is fat

Whippy made a Portal reference.

so it was her birthday ! she should've been woke up !

Uh Boners fanboy? lol... anyway, it's my sister's, cousin's and friend's birthday today too. Happy Easter. ;)

Who takes a nap on their BIRTHDAY? YDI Op!

Uh oh, somebody cut the cake! I told them to wait for you, but they cut it anyway!

121: Uh, people who feel exhausted from earlier activities and decide to replenish their energy before the party?

thank you mr.polar bear it wasn't obvious

portal = badass

Wanna be friends? ha

maybe she shouldn't have gone to sleep while company and her family was all there to celebrate both Easter and her birthday. sounds like a diva to me who deserved it.

Happy birthday op!(:

It was more like a Happy Easter

haha why are you correcting him? it was OP's birthday AND Easter! happy dayyyy

not if OP wasn't woken up. duh. that one went way over your head, huh?

U need a new family. Fyl

who would take a nap on your birthday.........I guess you would

it's cause the food wasn't for his b day it was for Easter. haha

he doesnt need a new family, its not like they were mean to him. O.o

Happy birthday op!(:

Your life must suck.

Overdid it with the chloroform, did I?

did you give her birthday sex?

did you give her birthday sex?

more like birthday rape

sorry didn't mean to post it twice. not used to the new fml app yet.

Wow, that is really fucked up. Let's hope they make it to you somehow. :)

It's okay, the cake is a LIE!

Stop saying that or I'll end up crying on your balls!):

"Crying on your balls." Maybe not the best choice of words.

the cake is a lie the cake is a lie the cake is a lie see you in ten min?

cry on your balls? hmm.

i would have done the same thing