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  EvilPotato  |  14


  LiveLaughFML  |  10

your last name must be Cullen ;-)


Hey I want to get my first buried comment so please thumb this down. Also I want to see how many thumbs down I can get. Thanks.

At last you have a badass last name. Mine means iron hut or forge in Basque.

  enonymous  |  8

223 - I've surgically removed my penis and have replaced it with a bankers roll of dimes and other various coin change just for you.

Also real last name Mr & Mrs Keyman

By  FYLDeep  |  25

Did she have a shitty last name she was trying to ditch, like Bin Laden, Gaddafi, or Hitler? It would suck to share a last name with someone like that.

  hannaaaahr  |  33

since my last name is Rowling, I'm not sure if I would take my husbands name, even is it was Potter, I'd definitely take Malfoy though, or Riddle :)

By  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

My husband has an incredibly generic last name but I suppose that's better than having a generic husband with a cool name.

Do you really not know your wife better? You should either know she is joking or you should have known long ago if that were truly the "only" reason.