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Today, my wife told me the main reason she married me is because I have a cool last name. FML
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I'd love to see comments like this deleted altogether so the glory ****** won't even have their dps up.

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Are you the NFL player C.J. Ah You by any chance?

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One of my friend's last names is Kapangapang. Bet his wife married him for his last name.

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your last name must be Cullen ;-)

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People with cool last names are always taken.. :/

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What does having a strong last name mean?

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That's a legit reason to marry someone :)

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Is your last name Colfer? Or Criss? Those are AMAZING last names.

#65, my last name is Chick. and i'm single. the people with the cool names aren't always taken.

True fact: her previous name was slutty mcbuttsex. (reference to a YouTube video)

164- Chick is not a cool last name. Especially for a woman.

Stop being a wuss and tell her what every man would reply to his wife when he feel threatened. "GO BACK TO YOUR KITCHEN AND MAKE ME A SANDWICH WOMAN."

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bobaganush is an Arabic dish lol. it taste pretty good.

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idontcare8l 3

174- is that video grandma got a facebook by yourfavouritemartian by achance?

Mines johnson... Everyone loves johnsons... Ypu cant help it. We have- Body soaps, baby wash, wreslers, movie stars, singers, actors, etcs.

An acquaintance of mine changed their last name to "Imrichbich" if you can figure that out. Wish I thought of it... ******.

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Eh I'm more all about the money ;)

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223 - I've surgically removed my penis and have replaced it with a bankers roll of dimes and other various coin change just for you. Also real last name Mr & Mrs Keyman

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You must be Matt from the show Finding Bigfoot. His last name is Moneymaker.

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I went to school with a girl whose name was McCool. She was a bitch.

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My last name is O'Callaghan. I get teased a lot.

This kid in my class' last name is Romance. I might just do what OP's wife did ^_^

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Colfer and Criss are ugly last names.

#161 - Please tell me that was just a terrible joke. PLEASE.

My teachers name is Mr. Love...I wish he was a Dr. :(

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Mines Claggett. It rhymes with ******. FML

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Mines Claggett. It rhymes with ******. FML

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my cousin holly did that, because his last name was wood. hahaha

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My best friends last name is Hawthorne.i love his name

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Her last name was probably Dick and first name Shenita. Sounds reasonable enough to dump a surname for!

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It was her first name spelled backwards ill bet

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113-I read that as Azkaban. HP on the brain.

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No worries 136. I've been reading HP for about 3 hours now haha

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That's the best. I love you. If in reference to friends. If not well ur a creep..

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Did she have a shitty last name she was trying to ditch, like Bin Laden, Gaddafi, or Hitler? It would suck to share a last name with someone like that.

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Job interviews must be a nightmare...

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Hello miss Braun? Eva... O.o It's a reference if you don't get it please don't thumbs down. :)

154 - I got the (not-too-funny) reference, which gave me permission to thumb down your comment. So I did.

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leadman1989 15

I too saw the correction you name yourself after. It was made to that person with the picture with the keboard with the red key in it.

That's when u ask If she ever rly loved u

honestly!, yes that's a good question. These noobs don't gv thumbs up on yours cause it's not funny. Dumbasses!

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211- Its plain obvious what he was saying. The original comment got thumbs down, so he said the noobs downrated it because it wasn't funny.

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Is your last name Potter? If yes, I'd marry you too.

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I know a girl named Hailey Potter. Just sayin'.

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No offense but Harry potter sucks

Best way to get thumbs down on FML- Say Harry Potter sucks. How the **** does anybody hate Harry Potter?

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123- Really? Your first comment ever and you're going with that? FYI: She's 14 and those type of comments are frowned upon...

KiddNYC1O 20

134- I was agreeing with you that what the other comment said was creepy, and I was saying i was glad that his comment got moderated.

KiddNYC1O 20

135- I was talking about before your comment was edited, nice try. That's enough, though. Good day.

137- stop being a dumbass. Your comment was creepy.

KiddNYC1O 20

LOL. Good day, rookie. And stop thumbing up your own comments.

When you realize your mistake, dont blame me for it. And no, I don't thumb my own comments.

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Pebbles, you're 21. I can do it, too. Derpyderp Captain Obvious.

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since my last name is Rowling, I'm not sure if I would take my husbands name, even is it was Potter, I'd definitely take Malfoy though, or Riddle :)

My husband has an incredibly generic last name but I suppose that's better than having a generic husband with a cool name. Do you really not know your wife better? You should either know she is joking or you should have known long ago if that were truly the "only" reason.

sorry no! I bet you get beaten and still think he I'd the right one. Please! misses know it all.

110 -stfu & get off fml... No one likes your comments.

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And your ninja cupcake looks like poo.