By ILOVELEDZEPPELIN - 06/07/2014 20:27 - United States - Wakefield

Today, I called my mother crying, telling her how my husband has apparently been cheating on me for months. To my surprise, she didn't interrupt me or cut me off the whole time. Only when she didn't respond, did I realize she'd hung up a half an hour ago. FML
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rs31831 12

I'm sorry, no one deserves that, but maybe she had a bad connection or something. I hope so.

friedpwnadge 25

Maybe she can chip some ice off of her heart for the martini you'll be sipping later.


rs31831 12

I'm sorry, no one deserves that, but maybe she had a bad connection or something. I hope so.

friedpwnadge 25

Maybe she can chip some ice off of her heart for the martini you'll be sipping later.

well if there was bad connection or the call dropped wouldn't she have called her back?

I agree with 1, I truly believe she would not hang up on you knowing what you were going to say. Sorry about the husband cheating. :/

Now that's what I call good parenting. NOT!!!

ApacheC424 18

12, if OP didn't hang up the Mom would have got a busy signal (unless OP has two lines or call waiting).


29....other way around bud.

sorry about your husband. maybe you shouldn't talk 30mins+ without asking a question or doing something to involve the other person, even tho it's your moment.

Yeah, a bad connection with her daughter...

69, if I found out my husband was cheating on me and I called my mother, I know she's going to be there for me no matter how long it takes and I would do the same for her. This isn't just some fight, this is devastating news in a marriage and if OP needs that time to talk, let her have it. When things like that happen, you don't always realize how long you've spent discussing the issue because all you're thinking about is the issue.

#34 - 29's responding to 12's comment and clarifying that if the line got disconnected due to a bad connection, even if the mother tried to call back she might've gotten a busy dial tone because OP didn't hang up from their end. That of course is in assumption that OP doesn't have call waiting or two lines, and the mother didn't intentionally hang up.

Normally when a phone line goes dead you get an automated voice within a couple minutes

Maybe she had to hang up because your husband had arrived.

incoherentrmblr 21

Does anyone else wonder what the title have to due with the subject of this FML?...

strawberrywine22 30

You do realize that's OP's username...right?

incoherentrmblr 21

So much for privacy...

njas113 9

The daughter's husband was cheating on her with the daughter's mum

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then you'd be a terrible parent

You're a horrible person

ColonelCusswords 24

That makes sence, IF YOUR AN ASSHOLE

#33, how's the 8th grade treating you.

#11 I guess that's why I'm not a parent

ColonelCusswords 24

#33 it treated me pretty shitty thats why im a softmore i dont see why i got so much hate on my comment i was saying that the commenter is a prick

cryssycakesx3 22


ColonelCusswords 24


Am I the only one who thinks maybe number three was talking about staying on the line after someone hangs up, instead of hanging up like an asshole?

You don't need to be a parent to be a decent human being

ColonelCusswords, I need you to do me a huge favor. I need you to invest heavily into condoms. Either that, or get a vasectomy.


Llama_Face89 33

50- it's because if you're in high school you should know how to spell sense and sophomore. Should know better in grade 8 as well for that matter...

Then it's like you get cheated on, she just got cheated on by her husband you idiot! You're obviously a prick.

Air Force... I agree.. If someone can cry and go on for over a half hour without a response they weren't having a conversation... They were having a pity party. I'm sure it sucks to be cheated on.. But I dint join pity parties.

moldypickles 29

My sincere apologies, OP.

I love your cat.

I couldn't imagine being in OP's shoes for this one

moldypickles 29

Thank you kindly. He was the most purrfect feline. Sadly, he passed away this week =/ so, your compliment is appreciated.

Geez, your mom is a bitch... Hang in there, OP. Your husband will get what's coming to him, I'm sure.

jazmin3012 28

that is very inconsiderate of her...I'm so sorry OP :(


Sorry about your ass of an ex husband. Wish you mother would have been kinder too

You should take a second look at things. The call could have dropped. Or... Your mother is just a heartless bitch worthy of the title mother-in-law

that really sucks, and how terrible hang in there.

It took you half an hour?

such good parenting