By uniannonymous - 04/08/2013 08:37 - United Kingdom - Mitcham

Today, my fiancé told me he wished he never met me and that he wished I didn't exist. Our wedding is next week. FML
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taylorafterdark 16

Better said sooner than later!

Hun, I don't think it's going to work out. Better to end it now than suffer heartbreak after the marriage, because he's not worth your time.


taylorafterdark 16

Better said sooner than later!

At lest you know now. Better then 2 years into the marriage.

Sadly, I think with what OP's fiancee said, he already dumped her.

The only problem is that she probably already dumped a lot of non-refundable money on the wedding, and of course the fact that she lost who she thought was the love of her life. Sorry OP. But it is better now than later

dontgivafuk 9

better to have loved and lost....then to be stuck with the crazy **** for rest of your life.

I should of cut your dick off, When I had the chance. Take you to every party, to humiliate your ass. Then ditch you for some other guy, cause' I can do so much better! (Parody of When I Was Your Man By: Bruno Mars:p)

Hun, I don't think it's going to work out. Better to end it now than suffer heartbreak after the marriage, because he's not worth your time.

Yeah, and worst timing as well, she should dump him

That's essentially what she said. Except with better wisdom and grammar.

Ok first, I think he already ended the relationship. Second, why do you automatically assume he's the bad guy in this situation? Maybe she did something to make him say that.

They probably got into a big fight before he decided to say that; even then he probably didn't fully mean it and said it out of spite.

Doesn't make it any less childish..

Normally I'd agree but this time I'd like to know the whole story... if he was just fine from the day they met all the way up until the engagement, something big must have happened to tick him off. A sane person doesn't just throw those comments around. Without knowing details, who knows if OP did something horribly wrong? You only hear her side of the story.

At least he told you before the wedding happened? :/ I'm sorry OP, that's terrible. Nobody deserves to go through that. I hope you can find a way to return all the wedding things you've gotten & move on. Your ex-fiancé doesn't deserve you anyways. :)

They're probably still together. They just had a fight and are now probably having sex. Everything's ok after sex!

Wittledinosaure 7

Well, at lease you found out how he feels. I'd say he doesn't deserve you anyway.

Maybe she did something wrong? People don't usually get a complaint like that unless something really serious happened. With out details, who's to say?

At least you now know he wasn't the one for you

Our wedding *was next week? Don't get married if he's like that, you'll regret it... I'm sorry though, that must have really hurt :(

hcollins1 18

Agreed, no one deserves to be treated like that! Even if she was being a bridezilla and he didn't like it, he could've asked to tone it down! OP, you will find a man that will actually appreciate you! It may be hard but forget him!

Well then, I hope you don't get married?

Did something trigger this sort of response? Need more info.. Not saying it's OP's fault, but still.

Agreed. Obviously there's a lot more backstory than just the fiancé saying said statement.

At least you realized he's a jerk before you married him. What did you do so wrong for him to say that?