By Brown345 - 11/05/2012 05:03 - United States

Today, I started a new job. I noticed all the beautiful women. Then I tripped on a cord running across the floor. They noticed me too. FML
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embarrassing, but really, it's not THAT bad.

You fell head over heels for them eh?


embarrassing, but really, it's not THAT bad.

MetalxSoldier 26

I guess he is literally falling for his coworkers!

Agreed Alan. These types of FMLs are my favorite

Thats a trip hazard at work you should tell someone to sort it out!

You be trippin', fool. Oh god my grammar!

That's when you say: Sorry guys, my penis is just so big it throws off my balance sometimes.

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Alan's got a big ol' butt, Oh Yeah!!!

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1 - You are correct in that it is not THAT bad, though still enough to make someone think "F my like". Of course, were he walking across a catwalk 50' off the ground, tripped over a poorly placed cord, and fell 49' before the cord that had not only tripped him but also wrapped itself around his foot prevented him from smashing into the aforementioned ladies, that would be a little worse. Glad that didn't happen OP. Did it?

On the bright side: You had the beauties' attention.

For a sec I actually thought OP was a woman, but I believe I was wrong.

goodjob OP starting with an icebreaker is always good than jut waiting lol.

Devin91 20

Beautiful woman will do that to some people.

What is it with people like this guy who thinks its cool to have his picture of his body. NO ONE CARES WHAT YOUR BODY LOOKS LIKE MATE! Gosh darn

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Speak for yourself. I kind of like the eye candy! I'm sure all the gay guys do too!

If you've got it, flaunt it.... Some of us really appreciate looking at people who care enough to work on their bodies. If you don't care then chances are you are one "suffering" from the epidemic suddenly trapping the world in self too much fast food, not enough fast workout.

luckyd880 12

Oh I don't mind at alllll :)

@ #19 - I don't see what the problem is. If you really didn't care what his body looked like, why did you start a... thread? about it? (Dunno what to call it.) Anyways, I don't enjoy topless men, but if I have to see a topless guy, I'd rather see a well-built one then a fat one. Doesn't hurt my eyes or anything. As for the guy tripping... when I was like 13, I went to Tim Hortons after school, on the way back I was watching some hot girls, and totally tripped on the curb and spilled Ice Cap all over myself. Embarrassing lol.

Hopefully they all ran to help you up, and coo over you. No? Well, you can always dream. Good luck.

You fell head over heels for them eh?

Way to make a good first impression.

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I see what you did there. ... No? Okay :(

klovemachine 24

It sounded funnier in my head :/

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No sex, KYS. Nah, I'm joking.

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Hey, it's not your fault that your new workplace has a fire code violation.

Good point. FML likely recommends you quit, sue, and break up with your significant other. Or do what normal people would do and put tape over the extension cord.

When this happens usually they laugh and then forget about it. But laugh it off for now.