By fetch boy.. - 05/08/2013 05:28 - United States - Bellmore

Today, my boyfriend's parents found out we had a sleepover while they were on vacation. His dog had retrieved the underwear I had unknowingly left and brought them to his mom. FML
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HairyPunisher 27

Lesson of the day : Never leave without your underwear


HairyPunisher 27

Nothing can happen today that will be better than learning this word.

Lmao how do you forget your panties? Haha

cryssycakesx3 22

Lesson of the day : Never leave without your underwear

zen1979 16

I always wonder why it's so easy to forget something like underwear. "... Hmm, I feel like I'm missing something...Phone? Purse? Lipstick? Nope got it all. Oh well. "

Epikouros 31

Most people put on clean underwear in the morning, so it's easy to forget yesterday's underwear that you threw off in the heat of the moment. I've been there. Luckily, no parents were involved, and it was a good excuse to have another date.

Zimmington 21

I know a few girls that don't wear undies on a regular basis so forgetting them could feel natural

nurchok 15

38, when one goes to bf for a sleepover, I wouldn't expect her to bring a clean set of underwear with her. 39, if she doesn't wear undies on regular basis, why would she wear them on the way there? And if she did, how could she forget?

nurchok 15

13, I like your comment, but personally, I prefer girls that wash their junk rather than venting it :)

addioty 19

53, you are a sick little ****.

How exactly does one unknowingly leave underwear behind?

NSN82 13

I'm sure she brought another pair of underwear. The ones she wore when she got there and the clean ones she put on the next day. She probably thought she took the dirty ones home.

Or she just brought one, got it In with her bf, then left the panties thinking she wore them.

hcollins1 18

How do you unknowingly bring one pair of underwear then think you're wearing them when you leave? It feels quite different when you're not wearing them unless you're used to going commando!

LMFAOwned 9

Now you see, the mother clearly trained the dog. I don't know who's smarter, the dog or the mom.

Just walking around commando... Wondering oh where oh where my underwear is. Lol

I actually kind of agree with #4. I don't approve of children/teens sneaking behind their parents back. It just invites problems like unwanted pregnancies if the teens don't have access to birth control, or are not fully aware of safe sex practices. I'd rather my children approach me so that I can provide them with a bit of safety if they need it.

Where in this post does it say OP is a teen??