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Today, after gaining all the weight back that I had lost after my first marriage, I realized that the only thing that fits me now is my wedding ring. FML
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You should use this as incentive to lose the weight you gained.


Aspen_Grace33 27

Sorry to hear that, but good news spree!!!!!

The negativity in 90% of the comments in this FML is astounding. Perhaps people just hate weight gain.

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Fat people are responsible for obesity....

#21 I hope you know how ignorant that made you sound.

Maybe she lost a lot of weight after the first pregnancy that she was unhealthy. You people don't know if she's obese. She could have gotten sick also and lost weight. This weight gain might have actually been good for her.

Sorry i meant marriage, not pregnancy

People don't always gain weight because of their own doing. When my thyroid is off, I can easily put on 10 pounds which will not go away until they get the meds adjusted. Many medications for stress and depression can also cause a person to gain weight. On average, if I go on seroquel for mania, I will gain about 15 pounds. Again, it will not come off until they take me off of the medication. It is not my fault that I have a thyroid issue or bipolar. I run at a healthy weight unless if one of these two things happen and diet and exercise don't seem to make a difference. And after the heart attack I really cut out the bad stuff which I didn't eat a lot of anyway and upped my exercise. Oh and the heart attack was most likely a result of medications from a mystery illness. Sometimes people do the right thing by trying to take care of themselves and the side effects are hell.

My mother has thyroid problems too. She also eats way more than she needs to at every meal, and also between meals. Of the two, I wonder which is contributing more towards her continuous weight gain? Oh right yes, the faulty gland....

MEM0817 18

44- having a thyroid problem causes side effects you'd never think. It's causes excessive thirst, excessive hunger and other things like heat intolerance and cold intolerance. I know because I've suffered from such since I was 19. I'm about to be 26 now. I have to take a pill for the rest of my life every morning and wait 30 mins before I can eat anything. It's a bitch. I'm currently at a good healthy weight but it hasn't been easy to get here. I'm 120 lbs now but at one point before I could get the right dosage and milligram set in place I weighed 170 lbs. your thyroid has A LOT to do with random shit in your body, don't judge someone because they eat a lot. With thyroid issues, it's not easy to control it.

I know about thyroid problems. When my mum was diagnosed I did lots of research and reading. Lots. I also know that people have the option to give in to or resist the excessive hunger. Much like people who just enjoy eating lots. My point is hunger is easily quelled, with a reasonable amount of food. NOT the amount that leads to obesity.

21 is joking. (if there were no fat ppl there would be no obesity. Kind of like "children are the #1 cause of pedophilia.") Relax please, weightwatchers army...

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50- care to explain then why when I was on a carefully calorie monitored diet of 1300 calories, and walking/jogging 4 miles a day I STILL gained weight on medications? Yes there is cases where people are at fault for making bad choices, but it's taken me a year to lose the excess weight bipolar meds made me gain. Even watching everything, ignoring the hunger I felt if I was at my calorie limit, never failing to work out I still gained 30lbs. Just because something is the case with one person, does not make it true for all.

Medicine is supposed to help a person. Correct? Modern meds have so many side effects that you need to ask yourself if it's worth it. Or are the major pharmaceutical companies gaining billions by duping people into believing that the side effects are absolutely always worth it?

Time for the second round of cutting phase!

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Well keep you're hopes up... Things should change soon.

25- I actually can't even believe you would have the audacity to say something so rude and uncalled for to a complete stranger. Your comment was completely unnecessary.

I'm sorry to hear that OP! But get your hope down. You lost the weight once so I'm sure you can do it again!!!

Guess who makes it fourth? EDIT: He changed his comment.

You should use this as incentive to lose the weight you gained.

God, the universe really is a bitch, isn't it.

Classic weight loss rookie mistake. And I guess the ring was the most valuable after all.

Do not be depressed about it! or you're just going to eat more food. sorry for that.

ummmmh motivation to lose a few or sell your clothes