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Today, I found out that the messages about the issues in my sex life that I'd been sending to my best friend had been sent to my mother via iMessage. She's coming over for dinner tomorrow. FML
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Who knows, she may actually give you some good advice and help you through your issues. Just because she's your mother doesn't mean she can't help you.


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Nah, it'll make a great ice breaker.

yeah, awkward... awkward that you set your phone up to do this. YDI, big time. Next time maybe don't make your phone sync literally everything with your entire family!

You literally agreed to have your phone do this. You kinda deserve it. But hey, maybe she will give you some good tips and advice ;) not all parents are bad!

55 - it's a super tricky feature to use; I've accidentally synced two phones with completely different user ID's before with no idea how (as a comp sci student, if that means anything). Really unlucky for OP

I don't know #70, I only know he agreed to it because I myself have an iPhone. Sucks for him but people really need to read before just pressing the allow button to everything.

That'll make for an awkward conversation...

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Maybe if you don't talk it will be fine

Who knows, she may actually give you some good advice and help you through your issues. Just because she's your mother doesn't mean she can't help you.

Mothers...helpful? Ha! Since when? Don't you know that the only truly helpful people are therapists and the ones who write prescriptions for those little happy pills?

You weren't exactly helpful, Doc. All I wanted was that one little prescription, but you wouldn't give it to me. I had to grab a few in the back of an alley from some rather unsavory characters.

Don't mention what you had to do for those pills either!

26- You should've grabbed a prescription pad while he was counting all his money. So Doc, when you sign your name is it just "DocBastard", or is it, "Doctor Bastard"? Just wondering, no questionable reasons at all..

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Yep, that's what experience is for.

at least there will be something to talk about at the dinner table instead of the regular.

Wait.... that's not regular dinner conversation?

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Hmm.. No wonder no one wants to eat dinner with me anymore.

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There should be some interesting conversations between you guys. Laugh it off Op. :)

Apple is the best :3 Give her an extra glassful!

iCloud and iMessages: The hardest to use features on an iPhone without complete embarrassment according to FML

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Here's hope to the anonymous OP being female.

You young people are suppose to be so tech smart. Lesson learned: only divulge personal info face to face.

Bout to be one tasty ass meal... Is trout on the menu?

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I believe 11 is saying something about OP eating out his own mom. Either way that's just ****** up.

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Maybe she will help you, just let her talk about it. It will all play out like it is supposed to.