By Anonymous / Wednesday 15 July 2009 00:37 / United States
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  khatuba  |  0

I was first, and something happened, so my comments and those that replied to me were deleted. "get the sand out of your vagina," elfenmagiclolz? seriously? it was my cousin making the comments, and I got back to all of this crap people were saying. Have some respect for people. There's no need to say things like that when someone is expressing their opinion, even though it wasn't me. God. The nerve of some.

  khatuba  |  0

no, actually, my cousin's lived with me all of his life because of family problems. so he's like my brother, and I usually tell everyone he is, so it slipped. and by the way, jakeu, i'm a girl.

  MagicMeds  |  0

idk... just the way it was phrased and such... for some reason i got that idea but more strongly the idea that it was the boyfriend's underwear (one of those OMG MY MAN WEARS WOMAN CLOTHINGS fmls)

  regalarius  |  0

#33 - Well, if the OP is a guy, then there's no reason for the mom to assume that the underwear doesn't belong to her son. Unless her son is a boxers man and the underwear in question are briefs or something. I didn't read that as "Silly people, men don't have sex with men," I read it as, "Wait, this story makes much less sense if you're a gay man."

(where is anyone getting the OP's sex from this? It's not announced in the FML this time...)

  CodeXana  |  9

Excuse me? I'm sorry 59 but go home and take your prejudice with you. I live in Texas and the only people I meet who really hate gays are ignorant republicans and their hard-headed children. Also my grandma but she's from Alabama anyway. I don't hate gay people and neither do any of my friends. God, I hate when people stereotype against Texans, it's not some backward underbelly of humanity like everyone seems to think it is. So fuck you, dude. Fuck you.

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