By nityasomaiya - 16/05/2015 05:34 - Australia - Sydney

Today, I was supporting my aunt as she gave birth. She was getting tired during the pushing stage, so I tried to encourage her by making a show of pushing as well with each contraction. I got a little too into it and accidentally gave birth to a little turd of my own. FML
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nityasomaiya tells us more.

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It was just my Aunt and the Midwife in the room at the time. I think my Aunt laughing helped her push my cousin out the last little bit. The Midwife was awesome.

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Redoxx_fml 22


Redoxx_fml 22

Hope OP dropped her kids off at the pool after, if you know what I mean

congratulations it is a turd

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Awwwww! How sweet! Was it a boy or a girl? What'd you name him/her?

Was it a boy or a girl?

were you pregnant?

Do you not know what a turd is?

yeah just got that. I'm half asleep

PePziNL 20

Or she is actually pregnant and really, really doesn't like babies.

^^^why does this not have more upvotes? lmao

Your mother now has a little granddoody

I'm trying to figure out why 30 is thumbed up. Aren't shit puns generally met with a barrage of down thumbs?

No but a comment pointing things out is apparently!

its right there after a shitty situation

I for one have not seen anyone use 'SHITuation' so that might be why. There's at least some originality in it rather than 'shitty situation'. It's overdone fellas!

What did you name the little brown bundle?

Sounds like you gave birth to a brown baby boy, and what did you name the little darling?

More to the point was it a natural birth or did you require a C section?

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I was thinking Taco Bell... but then I guess it would've been premature.

Haaaaaaaaa, nice one.

Wow, next time make sure there are no turds hanging out in the rear door.

Congratulations! It's a piece of shit!

Was it a boy or a girl? :)

sonasonic 34

If it's a boy, I'd name him Adam. If she's a girl, I'd name her Samantha. But if it's a bag of wind and piss, and I highly suspect it is, then I'll name it after you.