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Today, I was house-sitting for some friends of my grandparents while they are out of town. While I was in the shower, the dog decided to take my dirty underwear and run. There is now a pair of lacy, black underwear hidden somewhere this giant house, and they return tomorrow. FML
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xxmckenzierae 5

Hopefully the wife doesn't find them and suspect the husband of cheating.

Tell them what happened. I'm sure it's not that big of a deal.


xxmckenzierae 5

Hopefully the wife doesn't find them and suspect the husband of cheating.

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It's her Grandparents friends. I doubt she woul think he's cheating at that age. Anyway, OP can just tell them what happened to avoid problems.

Today, my wife beat the daylights out of me with her handbag because she found someone else's underwear under our bed. I have never seen the underwear before. FML

some grandparents aren't that old...just saying

The worst part is when they find the underwear, if this dog is like most dogs, the crotch will be missing! Grandpa will really have to explain that one.

livvyluvlaf 8

YDI for showering at your grandparent's house

livvyluvlaf 8

I mean friends of your grandparents. I mean who does that?

LO388 7

Seriously 69/71? Why shouldn't she be able to shower where she's house sitting? For all you know she could have spent a couple days there without being back at her place yet.

Hopefully you get paid before they find them

People who house sit at their grandparents' friends' house?

xoconnie 8

well, logically, if they r friends of ur grandparents they are pretty old people. thus, its no big deal if u tell tem straight up

This happened to my family! We went on a holiday and when we came back we found a frilly black thong on my parents' bed. For a second everyone thought my dad was cheating, and then we realised the thong belonged to the house sitter. And then my mum threw it in the trash.

69/71 - House sitters. That's who does that.

"At that age"? I'm in my 40s and I'm getting more fun than I did when I was in my 20s. At this rate I'll have to be fending them off with sticks by 70. ;-) And, well, these days there are drugs to give Grandpa his libido back. If biology won't cooperate you can always go see Alice.

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41-My aunt is a grandma and she's 33

69/71, seriously? if you were house sitting for someone you wouldn't shower? gross...

Oh heck yeah! Woman... always jumpin to conclusions. Says my boyfriend. Lol

Tell them what happened. I'm sure it's not that big of a deal.

Why is this thumbed down? It's not something that OP can be blamed for.

Maybe she should shower more often so the undies don't stink of a shrimp boat.

In order to get smell out of clothes you need to wash the clothes, not take a shower...

ssnowywinter 0

Yes, 37, and I'm sure your underwear smells like roses.

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I, for one, appreciated that.

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xxmckenzierae 5

I had a small jack Russell clean or not he would always tear the middle crotch out of my underwear.

Not the biggest deal at all. Although, might be better if the old woman gets to it before the old man who lives in the house

Did anyone mention them being a couple? Not even a male and female were mentioned.

Good chance that they are, obviously!

Where is this house? I would like to partake in the 2012 panty hunt. I'll find this panty of yours, but don't expect it to be returned to you. I like...I mean my friend likes the smell of panties in the morning...

Competition sure is stiff this year, eh Lorraine? I guess it's just up to you and me now... ---grabs rifle and sings slowly and creepily--- if you go out in the woods today, you will be sure of a big surprise... If you go out in the woods today, you'd better go in disguise... For every panty there ever was will all be gathered together because, Today's the day the pantyhoses have their pic...nic...

xxmckenzierae 5

It's only gross if you make it gross. (:

You should try showering with the door closed.

Instead of having an Easter Egg Hunt have a Lacy Black Underwear Hunt?

not a big issue...tell them what happened! tell them to return it if they find it!

allthatandmore 0

The only thing is they may not BELIVE her and think she had a man in the house!

livvyluvlaf 8

Who knows? Maybe the dog ate them.

LoveMay 10

Even if they did find it, how would they know it's yours?

There's two things that could happen here: 1) The house owners find the panties, they suspect it's OP's, and think she had a man over. 2) The house owners find it, and the wife (if there is one) suspects her husband is cheating, which OP will either have to keep on her conscience, or will make her have to come clean, possible turning into situation 1. Her best bet is to tell them what happened right away.

emilydotawesome 1

How stupid can a person be?!

That dog is obviously has a panty addiction. This is why you don't get your dogs over the Internet. He's a pantyphile.

Where the eff did that 'is' come from? Smh smh

Just hope there's no skid marks up in those panties!