By Anonymous - 15/11/2013 09:45 - United Kingdom - Bicester

Today, I made eye contact with a cute guy from across a packed train. He then yelled out, in front of everyone, "You've got foam on your nose!" FML
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Why the **** was there foam on your nose?

I just lost 17 IQ points from reading tis stupid tread and forgot te letter "H". Tanks a lot, assoles.


Why the **** was there foam on your nose?

That wasn't foam. Cocaine is a helluva drug.

That wasn't cocaine. I sold her detergent powder hahaha

euphoricness 28

That wasn't detergent powder. I gave her rabies.

JMichael 25

It wasn't rabies. We just finished a heated moment.

I just lost 17 IQ points from reading tis stupid tread and forgot te letter "H". Tanks a lot, assoles.

We aim to please. Also I finished a 24 pack of Stella with my I can't decide if I want to sit or play GTA5...

thank you. Glad you enjoy the hilarity of those just having fun. It reminds us that not all are stuck up fake docs who find social interaction to be the acceptance of the FML community

Oh what you're a real one? Oh I should trust that you said you're a doc and change what I wrote...? No, the definition still stands. Besides, online, you can be whatever you want to be. Congrats on your username referencing your supposed occupation, but as I mentioned before, that doesn't mean you can be a dick in an attempt to placate your sense of acceptance. I should just come up with a username that says "AmbientSkydiver"...that'll show them

Ambient25, check your PMs. Whatever grief you have with me doesn't belong here. You can complain directly to me rather than forcing everyone else to hear your pathetic moaning.

flockz 19

*sings* "i can't live with all this DRAMAAAAAAA(extra vibrato)"

I really wouldn't be surprised if he actually turned out to be some nurse or ER doctor instead. haha!

Whoa! Why all the heat on the doc? That's like disrespecting an MC president! Ya just don't do it! Maybe if you guys read his actual blog, assuming you understand medical terminology, you'd realize there is no fake there. Drama is unnecessary, he was just doing what we all do. Comment. Downvotes? I accept that.

Vladash 14

I had somethin else written there but I regret it. I had 10 seconds to change it so it was the only thing that I could write. so SHUT UP.

skyttlz 32

Doc is a trauma surgeon. I've been here long enough.

They may have rabies. What if the foam came from the mouth and she coughed and it got on her nose?

flashback.miss 28

Better than if it were his foam....

Tali147 16

At least he didn't let you go about the rest of your day with foam on your nose. Sounds like true love to me.

Yea today, some stranger stopped me and told me something was hanging out my back pocket. Lord behold my back pocket was actually out of my pants. So EMBARRASSING!!!

Oh no!! Not the dreaded back pocket hanging out! Anything but that! And surely you meant "lo and behold", right? Autocorrect, right?

Good job Doc, but why don't you try and come up with something good to say instead of disparaging those who make a small mistake. "OMG autocorrect messed up your comment, let me take pleasure in picking it apart". It's sad to see what your sense of satisfaction is. If this site wasn't full of under 18 year olds, I dunno if you would be so popular. But I guess that's just my thought. Then again, it's not a thought which cares for distinction.

#38 There is a reason why his name is Doc...Bastard.

What sets him apart from a troll then? Just because it says "Bastard" doesn't mean anything. My name could be "Ambient Dick", that doesn't mean it's cool for me to be a dick at everything

#42 calm down man.... we're all just trying to have some fun and forget about daily day problems ^^

Yeah I guess I got a little peeved. Oh well I apologize

But seriously with Docs experience on FML, most of us know his patronizing attitudes on either stupid comments or minor mistakes are all for fun. It's like insulting your close friend against insulting a stranger, people take it differently.

That must have been a lot of foam if he could see it from a fair distance. Slightly embarrassing, but good starting point for later conversation!

bobo_the_bear 5

Don't snort coffee, drink it .

Foam on nose = drinking Starbucks = WHITE GIRL. Now that we have her race established...

I fail to see the relevance. What does race have to do with anything, you moron? Answer: absolutely nothing.