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Today, I had my boss and his family over for dinner. Our kids played while waiting for dinner to be ready. Just as we were sitting to eat, our 8-year-olds ran out and my son says "Look at Baxter! I found underwear with a tail hole!" They had found my crotchless panties and put them on the dog. FML
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Lol, did the dog look good in them?

lol YDI. hide your sex toys better or don't let kids in your room


That sucks... Hope you and your boss are still cool.

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I can think of a reason.

#11 .............

Regardless of your boss... At least Baxter is cool.

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WIN 96!

Acctually I'm first! Cool

You posted over half an hour after the first poster. How can you not see that you clearly posted second? You fail epically.

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umm yeah I agree! whats the point of crotchless underwear? haha

#13 - You sir are right. #2 - You, are a moron. Good day, ladies and gents.

hey!! i buried your comment

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109- hey!! I wanna bury your comment.

you kids are going to have screwed up relationships and need therapy.

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No. They're 8 how are they supposed to know?

You know why YDI? Because you bought crotchless panties. That just screams disease filled cootch

you are an idiot.

Seems like an oxymoron to me more than anything.

Lol, did the dog look good in them?

Probably a hell of a lot better than she did.

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Do you know her?

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wow, just wow. Think hard... and i mean literally.

rofl :D props for the comment :)

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I thought, and they seem really purposeless. You may as well just go commando instead of buying what appears to be ruined underwear.

Well by shear probability one can assume she's probably overweight and hideous (considering she's been married for 8+ years and has a kid... she probably "let herself go" awhile ago). Even if she was attractive (lol right), she'd still be a disgusting tramp for even having those. YDI


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Use your imagination - just a little bit. Don't want to overload it since I'll bet it's quite small.

I'm 12 and I know what they are and are used for. Retard.

Wow really 14 lol.

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They are panties with a hole in the crotch. They seem like they are highly uncomfortable.

They're panties that your mom wore last night with me.

LOL!! Good thing your name is geniusman XD

I just laughed so hard I farted.

How does having sexy lingery make you a tramp? Especially when you have them for your husband? Do you live in Saudi-Arabia or something?

#8, you're stupid. You wouldn't believe some of the things my girlfriend and I have bought for each other, and we're just dating. We already have a bunch of stuff lined up for after we get married. Owning slightly kinky lingerie doesn't make you a tramp. What you do while wearing them makes you a tramp.

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#87 is a tool

Now your boss is happy that there is one less line of defense he will have to conquer!

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11th? youre celebrating that why?

Hey, celebrating something it's cool, like a parody but you really like it!

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That's fun for your boss. Maybe he'll get some action

what does one use crotchless panties for?

i don't think it is about laziness...i think it is about the fact that some guys think they are a turn on

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omfg, why do you care what kind of underwear a stranger wears? get a life.

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oh my gosh really? google it.

lol YDI. hide your sex toys better or don't let kids in your room