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Today, my boyfriend gave me a really sweet poem that he wrote for me. I think it was secondhand - the first letter of each verse spelled his ex girlfriend's name. FML
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how does she deserve this... awh that's lame! call him out on it


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I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt and say total coincidence

Yeah, like this one:

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WTF! could have been a coincidence. I'm a guy and do you think when I write poems I think of what the first letters spell? that's total bs if you dump him for this? Solution: Just talk to him and tell him that you know it may have been a coincidence but you don't like that the first letters of the poem spelt his previous girlfriend's name. With that said it's a win win for you both. He would think before writing a poem or anything for that matter to you

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He may have been proud that for one moment in his life, he wrote a poem. He was just showing off.

WTF number 1 did u even think that it was a cowinki dink for **** sake u must b a hoe to drop a bf as quick as that

this is obvious evidence that he did not write this poem for the OP, it was originally for his ex! he prob got "lucky" afterwards with his ex and wanted to get it on with the OP.

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You should confront him about it and then if his explaination is reasonable and believable, then don't kick him to the curb like last week's trash. If it isn't... well then you know what to so.

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what a dumbass!! tell him to make one that spells ur name or u will bite his penis off!!

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Hahaah, damn, biting a penis off ? dramatticc. Naw, it could be a coincidence..But that sucks.

yea I know maybe ur just think he still wants her or something?

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I don't see where you guys are coming from. Coincidence my ass- you probably couldn't make a nice, sweet poem spell "KELLY" or "LAQUISHA" if you tried. it's difficult stuff to make a natural sounding acrostic. Add this to the fact it was specifically his ex-girlfriend's name makes it too much of a coincidence to actually happen. FYL, OP. Call your dick boyfriend out on it.

#87 is right. Harsh but right. It doesn't even matter if the ex's name is common or unusual. Poems don't just end up being acrostic. He was probably really proud of the poem and hoped you wouldn't notice. Tell him you liked it and you'll love the one he writes dedicated to you even more. Not really an FML unless he keeps writing about her.

Nooooooooooo he wrote it for his ex but she gave it back to him and then he gave it to you.

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how does she deserve this... awh that's lame! call him out on it

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men and poetry? they should never be put together in my opinion! lol

that's horrible, some guys write awesome poetry

I think William Shakespeare would like a word with you, #3.

i thinks shakespeare supports the argument... half the world doesn't understand what he's saying :-P

more than half the world since less than half the world speak english

who cares really, how could he know? be gratefully he wrote u a poem

I think Edgar Allan Poe would like a word with you too #3

im pretty sure shakespear had a girlfriend and i think they got married

Shakespeare FTW..--->> ahahaha.. I once heard a twi-tard say that Stephanie Meyers was like the next William Shakespeare.. hahaha.. They're a special little bunch, aren't they?..

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#46 but he didn't write her a poem! he wrote his ex the poem and reused it on her..

#3 is obviously single. but i wanna kno what the ex name was. then ull kno if it was a cowinkidink

@52: Yeah, Shakespeare is way overrated too.

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people understood him then you dumb shit.

Haha xD It probably was, no offense... That's pretty terrible of him (: Dw about it (y) Maybe he ran out of creative things to say xP

Did he even write it to his ex? I think these poems can be found on the internet.

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I agree with 3. (straight) men and poetry don't go well.

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wow wow wow not true. not all men are uncreative dumb asses trust me I know how to write a poem for a girl. even if it's corny it will make them laugh or smile which is always good. fyl for being with a jerk. write him a peom that spells out dumbass or something haha

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Yep I'm pretty swell at poetry myself. So straight men CAN right poetry.

i like poetry. then again i like dick in my ass....

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lickmyjock's picture does not help well with his claim...

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Oh I can. And I'm straight. Want me to prove it to you? ;-)

you're right hanban.. he clearly enjoys dressing as a woman and inserting things into his mouth. although I think he has a thing for snickerdoodles.. because if I see a post from her from him isn't far behind.

that's ridiculous. Pablo Neruda, Charles Bukowski, Allen Ginsberg, Octavio Paz, Walt Whitman, EE Cummings, Robert Frost, Edgar Allen Poe, Shakespeare, and many other poets are straight. Grow up.

pretty sure I learned in English class 6 years ago that Walk Whitman was gay

there is no conclusive evidence to support or refute Whitman's sexuality. however, even if he was gay there are still many more notable poets who are not. it is a silly stereotype to suggest that straight men don't write poetry. I am straight and I have written poetry since I was 13.

1. I believe that the statement that straight men can't write poetry is sexist, homophobic, and generally wrong. 2. Many straight men, as listed above, have written brilliant works of poetry. 3. Allen Ginsberg wrote poems about sucking **** and having sex with men on motorcycles. Look, I'm not saying straight men don't write poetry - they do, and some of it is incredible - but let's not whitewash Allen Ginsberg. The man is utterly brilliant, one of my personal favorites, and even his critics had to admit that he was a wordsmith but the man was gay. Not just kind of gay. He was openly gay. In the 50s. Do you know how much balls it took to be openly and publicly gay in the 50s? And he wrote about it! In his aforementioned poetry, even! Which for the time was nearly unheard of and took an incredible amount of courage. So, really, being homosexual is part of Ginsberg's life and his art. And while the guy who said straight men can't write poetry was a sexist, homophobic idiot that doesn't excuse ignorance of Ginsberg. Walt Whitman is pretty much assumed to be homosexual as well (he kissed Oscar Wilde - I'm counting it). Any "debate" on the subject comes from the fact that in the time someone being openly gay would be, well, look at Wilde's biography. As a result, homophobic individuals who study him and don't feel comfortable with his sexuality can claim "but Whitmen never SAID he was gay! If he didn't say it he must be straight!" Please. However, that doesn't take away from the fact that poets such as Eliot, Koch, Coleridge, Wordsworth, Blake, Tennyson, Milton, Dante, Ashbury, Lowell, Reed and many, many other straight men have written great works of poetry. Nor does it denounce the work of gay poets such as Ginsberg, O'hara, Hughes, or Whitman. What, because it's considered "girlie" and "gay" it's some how beneath straight men to read? Please, Ginsberg has written more powerful poetry than most people could ever hope to construct. Hell, if gay and girlie puts me on level with these guys and Angelou, Sexton, Bishop, Nawwab and Parker - hell, yeah, most of them do write better poetry than straight men.

yeah Ginsberg was a mistake to put in. looking back I think I was just listing favorite poets. lol ... I'm just use to mentioning Gins when listing poets as he is pure effing brilliance.

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Those are the reasons why I had never made a poem in 3 years. I am ashamed to admit that I have not yet read their poems. Tsk.

He is. I know he's gay... And dead, but I still get dreamy eyed over him when I read his poems. I never swooned over Leonardo or Orlando, but Ginsberg makes me sigh. And sorry about the long explanation. I will use even the slightest hint of an opening to start rambling on about how much I love the beat poets and peers.

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why does everyone think he did it on purpose there is a word called coincidence and it has a meaning too!

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That's bs you should just dump him and tell him to go back to his ex if he misses her that much .

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...I admit i have considered sending my girl recycled erotica I wrote for a previous girlfriend. it's good stuff, she would enjoy it, there's a lot of material, I hate to simply retire it. the risk of getting busted on this is slight, but if I was exposed I would feel like such a jackass. actually the exposure part doesn't matter, I'd be a jackass exposed or not. what a waste...

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Eh, I've recycled songs before, or recycled parts of old songs for new ones when it involved a girl's name... I take the rule that if it's good material and I'm not gonna get busted then do it. Plus you seem to have listed a lot of reasons why you /should/ send it to her, so I"d say just do it man