Cold reading

By Anonymous - 06/12/2014 21:52 - Belgium

Today, I found out why my wife has been cold and distant lately. She went to a psycho fraudster - sorry, I mean "psychic medium" - who said I'm lusting after other women and am thinking about leaving her. She actually believed him. Now I'm considering leaving her for real. Well played, I guess. FML
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Self fulfilling predictions are a bitch huh

That psychic has his own agenda... Probably. OP if she believes this bull crap and doesn't trust you, she's not worth your time.


Self fulfilling predictions are a bitch huh

Maybe the "psychic" is trying to play hero....

#1 true that, only its prophecies instead of predictions :)

Touché 24, but I didn't want to give the psycho fraudster to much credit by saying he had a prophecy :)

That psychic has his own agenda... Probably. OP if she believes this bull crap and doesn't trust you, she's not worth your time.

If he is going to end things because of this it's too bad it didn't happen before they got married. Ending a marriage is a lot harder than ending a relationship. I'm fairly certain divorces are an incredibly expensive process.

Not necessarily. "Psychics" usually tell you what you want to hear or what you are afraid off, they figure out what's on your mind and they play you with that. Either the wife was already thinking about breaking up or paranoid about her husband cheating.

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yeah #2, they wanted money and lots of it

I agree with 15. Op if you are actually truly considering leaving her because she's been cold and distant for the past few weeks than I think you were actually considering it way before or you aren't really in love with her. If the man I was in love with was cold and distant for a few weeks and I found out the reason (and yes it is a really stupid reason) I would be explaining why the psychic was wrong and talk about how he needs to trust me more and how we need to work on our issues and maybe go to counselling. I wouldn't just automatically consider leaving. I have a hard time believing that your marriage was great before this and that you weren't considering (or wanting) to get out. If you love her you should probably try and work things out first, maybe even do counselling, before you just decide to leave.

#57 Your parents think you're leaving them for another woman, do they?

Wow that medium is such a douche. Can he not see that by making stuff up he can mess with people's lives?

Do you honestly think the medium cares? As long as they get a payment they couldnt give a single shit.

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Honestly, most people go to a psychic for something dramatic. They aren't going to pay and keep coming back if you tell them something obvious and uneventful. A lot of people want to know something juicy.

Mess with peoples lives? I'm pretty sure the words of a complete stranger who has never met them or their partners will only affect them if they choose to believe the words of a complete stranger over their HUSBAND. Poor OP married an idiot

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Well that's one way to be able to tell the future...

You and your wife should have more faith in each other if that's all it takes to convince you two.

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Most predictions are self-fulfilling.

Well, if this is all it takes to make you seriously consider leaving your wife, that psychic did have a point. Not necessarily because you were already considering leaving her, but because you seem to prefer letting a small bump ruin a marriage instead of taking care of the problem.

Dumb ass she is the one to let it affect the marriage. How about you try rereading it again while using intelligence this time.

She may have let it affect the marriage, but he could reassure her that the psychic was wrong. But if he is so easily convinced they should end it I'm guessing there was behavior on his part that convinced her the psychic was right.

honestly I dint blame him if she's that dense

I dated a girl like this, who let everyone convince her I was unfaithful. guess who the only person she never listened to was? me, it can be near impossible to change people's view on things once they've got it locked in their brain

I agree with 10. This isn't just someone he's dating, this is the woman he fell in love with and is married to. Yes, she is an absolute idiot, no doubt about it. However, if he loves her and is committed to her than he should try and work things out first. If he was just dating her than that's one thing, but he's married to her. Now if they have tried to work things out and gone to counselling and she won't change, then that's a different story and it may be time to consider leaving. But to just decide to leave after a few weeks of her being "cold and distant" doesn't make much sense. Every marriage has a few bumps but you don't just abandon ship on the first one without trying to work it through, in my opinion. And to be honest I have a hard time believing that his marriage was perfect and he was completely happy before this, because if he was then he would be desperately trying to get that back. Again, not saying that the wife isn't an idiot and in the wrong, she definitely is, but I don't think Op is reacting in the right way either and have a hard time believing he was happy before and wasn't semi-considering leaving before all this.